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Al Gatto Verde – An oasis of sustainability and culinary delights at Casa Maria Luigia

Al Gatto Verde – An oasis of sustainability and culinary delights at Casa Maria Luigia

Al Gatto Verde
Al Gatto Verde
Al Gatto Verde
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Al Gatto Verde

The heart of the Modenese countryside has a new attraction – Al Gatto Verde, the new restaurant in the idyllic Casa Maria Luigia, opened its doors in September.

The philosophy of Al Gatto Verde

Al Gatto Verde stands for more than just culinary excellence. The restaurant, which is located in the restored Acetaia Maria Luigia, combines traditional elements with modern art. Massimo Bottura, the visionary mind behind this project, emphasises the importance of sustainability and environmental protection. Solar panels supply the restaurant with electricity, while a zero-waste concept is applied to all energy sources. Here, every emission is recycled and reused.

The centrepiece

At the heart of the restaurant is a cuisine brought to life by fire – a tribute to the Tòla Dòlza, a Sunday wood fire festival with smoky flavours that has been popular since June 2020. Chef Jessica Rosval, the culinary director, describes the kitchen as a place where creativity knows no bounds, surrounded by vineyards and fields and illuminated by fire. Equipped with a Universo grill from Tuscany and a wood-fired oven from Modena, the kitchen is a prime example of craftsmanship and culinary finesse.

The people behind the success

Working alongside Chef Rosval is Sous-Chef Alessia Belladonna, who has been part of the team since 2021. Maria Cristina Messori heads the front office as restaurant manager, supported by maître Denis Bretta and sommelière Valentina Bardini. This team brings a unique blend of experience and passion to offer every guest an unforgettable experience.

Design and aesthetics

The former stables, which have been converted into the open-plan kitchen and dining room of Al Gatto Verde, reflect the surrounding landscape with materials such as wood, raffia and stone. Works of art by Mike Bidlo and other artists complement the ambience. The renowned lighting designer Davide Groppi has equipped both the Acetaia ML and Al Gatto Verde with his creations, which visually emphasise the culinary experience.

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A feast for the senses

Al Gatto Verde invites you on a real culinary adventure. Here you will find a wonderful range of dishes – from hearty classics of Italian cuisine to exciting new creations, all of which are given a special touch by playing with fire. It’s the kind of place where every bite tells a story, thanks to the fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced directly from local farms. To be honest, it feels as if every dish here not only nourishes the stomach, but also the soul.

A must for every gourmet

Al Gatto Verde is more than just a restaurant; it is a total work of art that combines sustainability, art and culinary mastery. Set amidst the picturesque landscape of the Modena region, it offers an unrivalled experience for all the senses. The restaurant sets new standards in the world of gastronomy and will undoubtedly become a destination for gourmets from all over the world.

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