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Aman Le Mélézin – A winter paradise in the Alps

Aman Le Mélézin – A winter paradise in the Alps

Aman Le Melezin
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The Aman Le Mélézin, a hidden gem in the majestic French Alps, reopened its doors at the beginning of December. Located in the lively centre of Les Trois Vallées, this renowned hotel promises excellent skiing pleasure combined with culinary delicacies and top wellness offers.

Magical winter moments in Courchevel 1850

The Aman Le Mélézin stands for a winter season full of magic and grandeur. Surrounded by the picturesque setting of Courchevel 1850, one of the most prestigious ski resorts in France, the hotel guarantees an exceptional experience. From adrenaline-fuelled adventures on the slopes to quiet moments in an exclusive ambience – at Aman Le Mélézin, every guest will find their own personal winter paradise.

Unforgettable mountain adventures

Aman Le Mélézin takes the winter sports experience to a new level. Guests can look forward to unique activities such as a night-time drive through snow-covered landscapes, culinary highlights in a traditional mountain chalet and innovative moon biking, which offers an off-piste adventure. Particularly noteworthy is the First Tracks adventure, where guests have the unspoilt slopes to themselves early in the morning.

Culinary journeys of discovery

The culinary offering at Aman Le Mélézin is as varied as it is exquisite. From cosy afternoons in the library with traditional goûter to exquisite Japanese dishes in the Nama restaurant – the culinary experiences are as unique as the hotel itself. The Fireside Delights on the outdoor terrace offer a perfect combination of sweet treats and breathtaking views.

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Optimisation of well-being

Wellness is a top priority at Aman Le Mélézin. The holistic Aman Spa offers an extensive range of treatments and courses. With the expert Dr John Sanchez on the team, who offers traditional Chinese medicine, the spa sets new standards in terms of health and well-being. Modern treatment methods, such as the Aman Advanced Facial, also complement the wellness experience.


Aman Le Mélézin is not just a hotel, but a holistic experience. Whether on the slopes, enjoying culinary delights or in the spa – it offers its guests an unforgettable stay. It is a place where the splendour of the Alps is combined with exclusive comfort to create an incomparable winter wonderland.

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