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Personal viticulture – your own vine with the vineyard lease

Personal viticulture – your own vine with the vineyard lease

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In an age where almost everyone has everything, the vineyard lease from Christian Ress, owner of the Balthasar Ress organic winery, brings an unusual gift idea into play. Imagine you could give a loved one their own grapevine, combined with an annual treat of fine wines or sparkling wine. The vineyard lease makes exactly this possible – a personalised and long-lasting gift experience.

Personalised vineyard lease

Christian Ress has created an offer that goes far beyond the usual. By leasing a vine, you not only acquire a vine, but also become part of an exclusive wine community. Each year, the recipients receive a bottle of wine from the VDP.ERSTEN LAGE Engelmannsberg or Sylt sparkling wine and are invited to the annual Harvest Day. This experience combines enjoyment with active participation and conveys a piece of authentic wine culture.

The importance of personalisation

Each vine has an individually engraved sign that identifies the new owner. This personalisation makes the gift particularly unique. It’s not just about the wine, but about an emotional bond that is nurtured over the years.

Grape harvest as an event

Christian Ress emphasises the communal experience: “We make a really nice harvest day together with a hearty meal, ice-cold Riesling and lots of anecdotes about wine!”

This day offers the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of wine and experience unforgettable moments. We also highly recommend the Instagram reel with great impressions of the 2023 vineyard harvest.

Two locations, two worlds of flavour

Give away a piece of Sylt
On Sylt, Christian Ress cultivates the Solaris grape variety. Owners of a vineyard lease receive an exclusive Söl’ring Solaris Sekt extra brut every year. This limited option gives the gift added exclusivity.

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Riesling from the Engelmannsberg
In the Rheingau, more precisely in the Engelmannsberg in Hattenheim, high-quality Rieslings await their tenants. The wines from this vineyard are known for their balanced blend of strength and elegance.


The vineyard lease from Balthasar Ress is more than just a gift – it is an invitation to the world of wine, combined with personal experiences and high-quality moments of enjoyment. It offers a unique opportunity to give someone something really special that will bring joy for years to come.

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