Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2009

A masterpiece of nature and artistry

DOM PÉRIGNON ROSÉ VINTAGE 2009The Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2009 is more than just a drink. It embodies a journey through time and a tribute to the art of champagne making. Formative weather conditions have made this wine what it is today – a symbol of aromatic perfection and flavourful exception.

History of a legendary vintage

2009 – An unforgettable year for the grapes

The year 2009 remains unforgettable when you think of champagne. Imagine a really crisp winter, with the snow crunching under your boots and the cold creeping right into your bones. That’s exactly how this year started. But as if after a long sleep, nature awoke to a warm and rainy spring. This transition was not without challenges: from fungal infestations to unexpected storms, nature tested the patience and skill of the winegrowers. But with a warm and dry August, which literally turned out to be a golden month, grapes of inestimable value were harvested. The grapes of this vintage reached their full majesty and brought an aromatic expression that will be immortalised in the history books of wine.

Aromas that enchant

A feast for the senses

From the very first encounter, even before you take your first sip, this champagne seduces the senses. Its bouquet begins with subtle aromas of rose, orange oil and saffron before opening up to more dominant notes of red fruits – especially raspberry and cherry. Hints of cassis and figs resonate, and a sweet aftertaste of gingerbread and liquorice rounds off this olfactory feast.

A taste experience in a class of its own

The first sip confirms the olfactory anticipation. This champagne is profound, powerful and yet gentle. Its ripe, fleshy fruitiness is accentuated by a long-lasting mouthfeel. It nestles on the palate, unfolds its intense flavours and leaves a lasting impression that lingers in the memory for a long time.

Availability and price

For those who would like to enjoy the privilege of experiencing this exquisite champagne, Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2009 will be available from September via for 399 euros.


Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2009 is not just a drink, but an experience – a testament to nature, craft and time. A must for every true wine connoisseur and those who appreciate the extraordinary.