Sonos Era 300

Christmas is all around!

Sonos Era 300
The Sonos Era 300 heralds a new era of sound thanks to Dolby Atmos support.

The Era 300 offers an unparalleled sound experience that puts listeners right in the middle of the action. Whether it’s Christmas choirs or up-close concert experiences, with the Era 300 the sound fills the room and can be felt from every direction.

The incomparable shape makes it an eye-catcher at every Christmas party and nestles as an eye-catcher in every room.

With sustainable construction and packaging made almost entirely from recycled cardboard, Era 300 is the perfect gift for anyone who values good sound and the environment.

The two voice assistants Sonos Voice Control and Amazon Alexa are integrated and allow the user to conveniently play music via voice control and can be completely switched off by an extra button.

With sound from over 100 different streaming services, there’s something for everyone.

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