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Cora Hotel & Spa opens its doors in Chalkidiki

Cora Hotel & Spa opens its doors in Chalkidiki

Cora Hotel & Spa in Chalkidiki
Cora Hotel & Spa in Chalkidiki
Cora Hotel & Spa in Chalkidiki
Cora Hotel & Spa in Chalkidiki
Cora Hotel & Spa in Chalkidiki
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Cora Hotel & Spa in Chalkidiki

On opening day, 1 May 2024, the Cora Hotel & Spa in Halkidiki will not only open the doors to its luxurious rooms, but will also offer access to a world in which hospitality is redefined.

More than just a place to stay, a holiday experience unfolds here that elegantly straddles the fine line between modern luxury and Greece’s rich cultural heritage. Guests can look forward to a stay that lingers longer than the echo in ancient amphitheatres. With 181 rooms surrounded by elegant pools, a private beach that invites you to linger and a spa that serves as an oasis of calm, the Cora Hotel & Spa promises to be the quintessence of every holiday dream on the coast of Greece.

A tribute to Greece’s heritage

Under the experienced eye of SWOT Hospitality, the Cora Hotel & Spa has undergone a true transformation and now presents itself in all its splendour. “Cora“, based on the Greek word for “core“, already reveals the hotel’s close connection to the rich cultural and spiritual tradition of the surrounding area in its name. Here, in the home of Aristotle, a retreat is being created that offers far more than just relaxation for body and soul: a tribute to philosophy and science, embedded in the picturesque Greek landscape.

The unrivalled beauty of Halkidiki

Halkidiki is like a picture from the perfect holiday brochure: the finest sandy beaches and water so clear you’d think it had just been drawn from the spring. The Cora Hotel & Spa is located right here, on a hill near the picturesque village of Afitos. With a spectacular view over the Gulf of Kassandra, the hotel offers scenery so impressive that it alone justifies the journey.

Architectural masterpiece with local flair

The hotel’s architecture is a loving tribute to local architecture, a symbiosis of contemporary elegance and traditional elements. The design pays tribute to Byzantine and monastic architecture, while the interior combines modern luxury and comfort.

Rooms that leave nothing to be desired

The Cora Hotel & Spa has rooms with a private pool right on the doorstep and terraces overlooking either the sea or the surrounding forest landscape. An offer that seems tailor-made for both family holidays and romantic getaways. Culinary highlights are provided by George Stylianoudakis, a chef of distinction who delights guests with his contemporary interpretation of Greek cuisine.

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Activities that inspire

Whether you opt for a cocktail workshop, want to explore the local wine culture or want to learn Greek cooking skills at a cookery course – the hotel offers the right experience for every taste. And if you’re looking for adventure, you’ll find it in boat trips at sunset or hikes through the picturesque landscape.

A spa that is second to none

The spa at the Cora Hotel & Spa is a true retreat that not only invites you to relax physically with its range of treatment rooms, sauna and hammam, but also offers a place for inner contemplation.

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