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Enjoyable moments with III FREUNDE – Every wine tells a story

Enjoyable moments with III FREUNDE – Every wine tells a story


Pleasure, enjoyment and quality – these are the values that unite the III FREUNDE wines, which are designed not only for wine lovers, but also for moments of togetherness with loved ones. The 2022 vintage of III FREUNDE continues this tradition by presenting a range of wines suitable for every occasion and every company.

III FREUNDE Wines for every moment

Whether it’s a spontaneous after-work get-together in the evening sun, a convivial dinner party, deep conversations on the balcony or exuberant birthday celebrations – the III FREUNDE 2022 vintage offers the perfect wine for each of these moments. With its selection of Riesling, Rosé, Cuvée Rot, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc, made from sun-kissed, ripe and healthy grapes, this vintage promises an unrivalled taste experience. The 2022 vintage shines in a fresh, new design. Reduced but detailed labels and closures in colours that match the grape variety not only provide a visual eye-catcher, but also make it easier to distinguish the individual varieties. This design emphasises the care and dedication that goes into every aspect of III FREUNDE wines.

Discover the uniqueness of each wine from the 2022 vintage

III FREUNDE Riesling 2022
The Riesling enchants with its aroma of peach and fresh lime as well as a sophisticated balance between sweetness and acidity, creating an invigorating flavour experience. It is the ideal accompaniment to fish and fresh, grilled vegetables.

The rosé is characterised by its elegant acidity and playfulness. With flavours of red berries and a wonderful freshness, it is the ideal wine for salads and light dishes.

III FREUNDE Cuvée Red 2022
This full-bodied red wine with its subtle residual sweetness and fruity notes of berries and cherries is an excellent accompaniment to savoury dishes and snacks.

III FREUNDE Pinot Gris 2022
The Pinot Gris impresses with its dense, creamy and elegant structure, ideal for white meat, quiche or summer barbecues.

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III FREUNDE Pinot Blanc 2022
With fine aromas of pear and pineapple, this Pinot Blanc is full-bodied and melting in the mouth, an excellent choice for savoury treats.

The story of III FREUNDE

III FREUNDE wines are the result of the friendship and passion for quality of presenter Joko Winterscheidt and actor Matthias Schweighöfer. On the market since 2017, the range of III FREUNDE wines is growing steadily. From the first Pinot Gris to the latest Cuvée Rot, each wine tells a story of friendship and shared moments of pleasure.

III FREUNDE wines – More than just a wine, an experience

The III FREUNDE wines of the 2022 vintage are not only outstanding wines, but also symbols of the beautiful moments in life. They are an invitation to enjoy special moments together with friends and family. Available at, every wine from III FREUNDE brings the spirit of friendship and joy to your glass.

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