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The world of Ella K fragrances: emotions, memories and the art of perfume.

The world of Ella K fragrances: emotions, memories and the art of perfume.

Ella K

Ella K Perfumes: Fragrances have the remarkable ability not only to stimulate our olfactory senses, but also to evoke deep emotions and conjure up vivid memories. This unique property results from the special relationship between smell, feeling and memory in our brain. When a particular scent triggers a memory, the emotion associated with that memory also comes to life. In this sense, a high-quality perfume is more than the sum of its fragrance notes – it is an emotional conductor.

Fragrances that direct emotions

From the calming effect of sandalwood to the warmth and sensuality of vanilla, each fragrance has the potential to evoke a certain emotion or create a mood. A fragrance can make us start the day energetically, like the invigorating bergamot, or equip us with creative energy for the next meeting, like the inspiring jasmine.

Bring back your best memories with Ella K

Ella K’s diverse and finely tuned fragrances bring our favorite spring memories to life. Their fragrance compositions, ranging from ylang-ylang to chamomile, lemon, neroli and green apple, carry us to higher spheres and immerse us in an absolute summer mood.

Ella K: A philosophy of beauty and daring

Ella K is more than just a fragrance. It is a way of life, to look at the world from a poetic point of view, always in search of beauty. Sonia Constant, a creative perfumer at Givaudan who has dedicated her career to creating fragrances for prestigious brands, commemorates women’s courage with Ella K.

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Sonia Constant’s tribute to female independence

By starting her own brand, Sonia Constant followed her instinct to give free rein to her creativity – without restrictions or regulations. This is her ode to female independence, to women living out their own freedom and determination, exploring the world in their own distinctive way. Each Ella K fragrance invites a journey of discovery and shares a piece of Sonia’s own memories.

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