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HERITAGE – A culinary journey in the heart of Frankfurt

HERITAGE – A culinary journey in the heart of Frankfurt

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A new chapter in gastronomy is opening in Frankfurt am Main: the HERITAGE Frankfurt PopUp Restaurant on Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz invites you on a culinary journey of discovery. Known from cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Basel, the brand is now bringing its tried-and-tested concept to the metropolis on the Main.

The concept

HERITAGE is characterised by its casual, informal service and relaxed atmosphere. The reinterpretation of popular classics takes centre stage. A special feature is the sharing concept: guests are invited to order several dishes to share. This not only promotes a sense of community, but also allows you to discover the culinary diversity of HERITAGE.

Florian Glauert, Group Chef of HERITAGE Restaurants, emphasises: “The core of our concept is to reinvent familiar dishes. We combine traditional elements in surprising new ways to offer our guests unique flavour experiences.”

Culinary highlights and sustainable products

The menu offers a wide range of flavours. A particular highlight is the beef fillet tartare with an impressive selection of side dishes. There are creative alternatives for vegans, such as the “Farm and Forest” dish, which impresses with its composition of portobello and pumpkin ragout. The Family Style Floating Menu is an invitation to enjoy various dishes in a convivial atmosphere.

Bartol Stegić and Dean K’Toth: The masters at the cooker

Culinary management is in the hands of Executive Chef Bartol Stegić, who has proven his skills in renowned kitchens in Frankfurt, and Sous Chef Dean K’Toth. A well-rehearsed team whose creativity is reflected in every dish.

Javier Villacampa – A host with passion

Javier Villacampa, the restaurant manager of HERITAGE in Frankfurt, brings his extensive experience from various high-ranking catering establishments to the table. He is the centrepiece of the service team and ensures that every guest feels special.

A place for special occasions

In addition to regular restaurant operations, various events and themed evenings are also planned at HERITAGE to enrich the culinary experience. This makes HERITAGE the ideal place for special occasions and unforgettable evenings.

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HERITAGE Frankfurt PopUp
Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 2
60313 Frankfurt am Main

Opening hours:
Di.-Sa. von 18.30 – 22.00 Uhr



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