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Jumeirah unveils new brand identity

Jumeirah unveils new brand identity

Jumeirah Markenidentität

Jumeirah, the renowned luxury hotel chain, recently unveiled its redesigned brand identity.

This decisive turning point in its expansion strategy marks the start of an ambitious goal: doubling its portfolio by 2030. Jumeirah is breaking new ground and aims to create a fresh interpretation of luxury that will captivate today’s discerning world travellers.

A fresh chapter in the story of the luxury hotel industry

The redesign of its brand identity is a powerful expression of Jumeirah’s deep roots in traditionally generous hospitality. This initiative is the prelude to a deeper journey of brand development, reinterpreting luxury to exceed the perceptions and expectations of its guests while shaping current trends.

Setting the strategic course

The repositioning goes hand in hand with the announcement of new exquisite locations such as the Jumeirah Red Sea in Saudi Arabia, the Jumeirah Marsa Al Arab in the United Arab Emirates and the Jumeirah Le Richemond in Geneva, Switzerland. This geographical and conceptual expansion emphasises Jumeirah’s increased focus on small, exclusive hotels with an abundance of suites, villas and residences, aimed at a clientele that values uniqueness and privacy.

The renaissance of visual identity

Thomas Meier, Jumeirah’s Chief Operating Officer and Interim Chief Executive Officer, clearly conveys the scope of this renewal: “25 years ago, we opened the iconic Jumeirah Burj Al Arab with the ambition to redefine the luxury hotel industry and over the years we have built an exceptional portfolio of properties across three continents. Today, we look to the future of our brand and our company with the same pioneering spirit and a solid strategy that will lead Jumeirah into the next phase of sustainable growth. Refining our visual identity and enhancing our guest experience is the first step on a journey of regional and international expansion that will delight even the most discerning travellers.”

A spectacle of brand unveiling

The Jumeirah Burj Al Arab, a landmark in architecture, served as a dramatic backdrop for the launch of the new visual identity. A captivating light projection illustrated the metamorphosis of Jumeirah and provided insights into the future chapter of the brand. The ceremony culminated with the presentation of the redesigned logo and revised symbol, which combine classic calligraphy with a modern aesthetic to visually embody the brand’s future ambitions.

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Visionary brand strategies

Micheal Grieve, Chief Brand Officer of Jumeirah, reflects on the spirit of the brand: “The history of the Jumeirah brand is based on a rich heritage of hospitality, dating back to a time when travellers to the region were offered accommodation and the opportunity to share ideas, knowledge and wisdom. This spirit of warm and generous hospitality and a strong sense of community characterises the Jumeirah brand to this day. As we embark on our next chapter, we want to pass on this heritage and at the same time delight and enrich our guests from all over the world. By promoting dialogue and networking, we aim to further strengthen our reputation as one of the world’s most respected and influential hotel brands.”

Jumeirah’s avant-garde approach to brand re-imagination signals an era of innovation and enhanced luxury that goes far beyond conventional standards.

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