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Leatherwood honey – a treat from the heart of Tasmania

Leatherwood honey – a treat from the heart of Tasmania

Leatherwood Honig

The unspoilt rainforests of Tasmania hide a sweet secret – Leatherwood honey. Its unmistakable flavour: exotic, aromatic and full-bodied. But what makes this honey so special?

It is the Leatherwood tree, also known as the Tasmanian mock elm, which thrives exclusively in this remote region. A tree that only blooms for six weeks a year and in this short time provides the nectar that makes Leatherwood honey so unique. The strong flavours and floral notes of this honey are a true revelation for the palate.

Julian Wolfhagen: The Keeper of the Tasmanian Honey Treasure

The Tasmanian Honey Company, run by beekeeper Julian Wolfhagen, is dedicated to preserving this natural treasure. Wolfhagen, a man driven by a passion for the Tasmanian wilderness, has made it his mission to harvest and preserve this unique honey. Julian Wolfhagen’s carefully tended beehives not only symbolise his deep connection with nature, but are also a visible commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable honey production. In a special process that carefully keeps the heat below 45 degrees Celsius, the Tasmanian Honey Company preserves the pure essence and characteristic flavours of its honey – a careful process that keeps Leatherwood honey in its natural perfection.

Health benefits of leatherwood honey

Leatherwood honey not only tantalises the taste buds, but also offers health benefits. Rich in antioxidants, it supports stomach health and has a positive effect on well-being. This honey is not only a sweet treat, but also a balm for body and soul.

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Are you looking for an unusual Christmas gift for foodies? Leatherwood honey is an excellent choice. With its unique flavour and health benefits, it is a gift that creates memories and sweetens the festive season.


Leatherwood honey is a real treat for the palate, which not only revitalises the senses but also promotes well-being. Grown in the unspoilt expanses of Tasmania and harvested with genuine dedication and deep respect for nature, every spoonful of this honey is an expression of the wonderful harmony between the wild and the gentle hand of man. A true natural work of art that touches the soul as well as nourishing the body.

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