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Löwenzahn Kräuterlikör – A historical recipe reinterpreted

Löwenzahn Kräuterlikör – A historical recipe reinterpreted


A fascinating recipe by the eccentric pharmacist Henry Zimmermann was discovered in a historic pharmacy in Balve. According to the records handed down, the pungent and herb-rich mixture is said to have an effective and healing effect on toothache.

The Löwenzahn-herb liqueur – An exclusive creation

The newly designed Löwenzahn herbal liqueur is an exquisite creation based on the ancient recipe. The combination of chili and selected herbs creates an extraordinary taste, which at the same time recalls the healing traditions of the past.

Löwenzahn – More than just a liqueur

Löwenzahn is not only dedicated to the production of a unique liqueur, but is also committed to the protection of lions. A portion of the proceeds from the sale will be used to support the Save Wildlife Conservation Fund.

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The cooperation with “Save Wildlife Conservation Fund”

The selected organization has launched its own project specifically dedicated to the protection of lions in Botswana. The focus of this project is the harmonious coexistence of humans and animals in order to find a sustainable solution for the protection of the majestic big cats.

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Do good with Löwenzahn herbal liqueur purchase

By buying the herbal liqueur, you not only support the production of a unique taste experience, but also contribute to the protection of endangered lions.

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