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The Dalmore Distillery launches Luminary No. 2 2024 Edition

The Dalmore Distillery launches Luminary No. 2 2024 Edition

Luminary No. 2 2024 Edition

The Dalmore Distillery launches Luminary No. 2 2024 Edition at the stylish Alsterhaus in Hamburg, an event that combines luxury and exquisite whisky culture.

Art meets cuisine: the birth of a masterpiece

The Luminary No. 2 2024 Edition is the result of a fascinating symbiosis of Scottish craftsmanship and modern design. Under the direction of Master Distiller Richard Paterson and Master Whisky Maker Gregg Glass, a Highland single malt was created that impresses with its complexity. The whole thing is complemented by a spectacular sculpture designed by Melodie Leung of Zaha Hadid Architects, which lends the bottle an unrivalled elegance.

An evening full of flavour and style

The launch event at the Alsterhaus was a feast for the senses. In the elegant Hanse Lounge, under the warm, amber-coloured light, guests were immersed in a world of exquisite flavours and textures. Conversations centred around the subtle notes of peat and smoke, and the Hamburg audience celebrated the uniqueness of this new whisky creation.

The Collectible and The Rare

In addition to Luminary No. 2, two further variants were presented: The Collectible and The Rare. The Collectible, limited to 20,000 bottles worldwide, is a harmonious blend of mature single malt that has been perfected in port and sherry casks, with a hint of rare, peated Dalmore whisky. This edition promises a multi-layered flavour experience, ranging from sweet honey to exotic fruits.

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The Rare is an even more exclusive edition with just three bottles, matured in hybrid casks and offering flavours such as vanilla, dark berries and coffee. Complemented by a dramatic glass sculpture by Melodie Leung, this jewel is a true collector’s item that combines art and taste to perfection.

An unforgettable experience

The launch of the Dalmore Luminary No. 2 2024 Edition in Hamburg was an impressive example of how profound the love of good whisky and sophisticated design can be. This event will certainly be remembered as a glorious moment in the history of The Dalmore and a highlight in Hamburg’s cultural calendar.

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