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Experience unrivalled luxury at Domes Novos Santorini

Experience unrivalled luxury at Domes Novos Santorini

Domes Novos Santorini
Domes Novos Santorini
Domes Novos Santorini
Domes Novos Santorini
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Domes Novos Santorini

The Domes Novos Santorini will open its doors in April 2024, adding a new facet of luxurious splendour to Santorini’s already impressive landscape.

This latest venture from the Domes hotel chain, known for its passion for outstanding service and exclusive experiences, marks the eleventh luxury property in Greece. A true highlight for the island, which appeals to gourmets and globetrotters alike who are looking for the incomparable. With this new resort, Domes invites you to discover the mesmerising beauty of the Cyclades in an atmosphere of unparalleled opulence.

Architectural masterpiece in Tholos

Inspired by the picturesque Tholos, the Domes Novos Santorini embodies a masterful marriage of the timeless elegance of Cycladic art and the flair of modern design. A true architectural jewel that skilfully captures the volcanic legacy of Santorini. Its 50 suites and two outstanding villas, each a private retreat with its own pool, offer guests a breathtaking view of the glittering sea and the legendary Santorini sunsets – a panorama that is unrivalled.

Culinary delights at Vatanee

The new Vatanee restaurant, a culinary concept characterised by the visionary chef Dionysis Anastopoulos, will open at the same time as the resort. Here, guests are brought to the table with a variety of meze based on the best seasonal ingredients, handmade pasta and excellent meat. The Vatanee, located above a roof garden near the pool and lobby bar, promises an unforgettable culinary experience with its atmosphere and views of the sunsets.

A refuge of rejuvenation and mindfulness

The Soma Spa, a cornerstone of Domes Novos Santorini, uses natural ingredients from the island’s volcanic essence to offer a comprehensive pampering programme for body and mind. Complemented by programmes such as yoga and meditation, the resort offers a peaceful retreat. The design of the resort, which emphasises the element of water, also contributes to relaxation and recreation.

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For the whole family

The family-friendly concept is complemented by the Kids Club and the innovative KIEPOS programme, which playfully introduces children to topics such as sustainability, ecological responsibility and healthy eating. By planting vegetables, herbs and flowers, they gain valuable insights into the cycle of nature.


The Domes Novos Santorini goes far beyond mere luxury and comfort; it invites its guests on a true journey of discovery, deep into the heart of Santorini’s culture and breathtaking natural beauty. Here, travellers not only find a place for relaxation, but also for personal renewal and the creation of memories that will last a lifetime. With its opening, the resort sets new standards in tourism in the Cyclades and offers the unique opportunity to discover and experience Santorini’s magic in a completely new light.

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