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Madi Paidi Bangkok – A new jewel in Thailand’s vibrant metropolis

Madi Paidi Bangkok – A new jewel in Thailand’s vibrant metropolis

Madi Paidi Bangkok

There are places that you immediately associate with luxury and uniqueness, and the Madi Paidi Bangkok is undoubtedly one of them. With the opening of the house on 1 September 2023, Bangkok will present itself from a completely new, exclusive side.

Elegance meets history

The Madi Paidi Bangkok is not just another luxury hotel – it stands as a symbol for the meeting of tradition and modernity. The Autograph Collection Hotels, which is now making its debut in Thailand, brings a new dimension to the hotel industry in Bangkok with its storied design and ornate interiors.

A place of relaxation and inspiration

Anyone staying at this boutique hotel will not only be impressed by the 56 luxuriously furnished rooms and suites. Especially the rooftop pool, which offers a breathtaking view of Bangkok at night, becomes a highlight of every stay. The Madi Paidi Bangkok is also strategically located near the lively Thong Lor district, so guests can immerse themselves in the vibrant heart of the city in no time.

A culinary journey through Thailand

The in-house restaurant EKKALUCK is not only a place of taste, but also of experience. Under the direction of renowned chef Wuttisak Wuttiamporn, guests are invited on a culinary journey through the Land of Smiles. “Bangkok is ideal for the brand with a rich history and unique sense of style,” says Jennifer Connell, Global Brand Leader, Autograph Collection Hotels. And Roger Parnow, Cluster General Manager, Madi Paidi Bangkok, adds: “We are delighted to welcome discerning globetrotters to Bangkok.”

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Central location and exclusive advantages

The Madi Paidi Bangkok benefits not only from its stunning architecture and furnishings, but also from its prime location. It is located in Soi Pai Dee Ma Dee, not far from the BTS skytrain station “Thong Lor”, which makes all the wealth of Bangkok accessible to guests. The Madi Paidi Bangkok sets new standards in the world of luxury hotels with its blend of luxury, history and unique flair. It invites you to discover Bangkok in all its splendour and dynamism. A must for anyone who wants to experience the metropolis at its best.

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