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MOUNTAIN’S GOAT Alpen Tonic: Unique refreshing drink

MOUNTAIN’S GOAT Alpen Tonic: Unique refreshing drink


MOUNTAIN’S GOAT Alpen Tonic is an extraordinary refreshing drink, which captivates with its unique recipe of regional, bitter alpine herbs such as wormwood, mugwort, stavewort and noble rue. This chinine-free drink gets its subtle bitter note not from South African cinchona bark, but from alpine herbs, which ensure its excellent digestibility.

Discover the distinctive flavor profile

The special flavor profile “Cannabis Profile + Lemon Balm” gives MOUNTAIN’S GOAT Alpen Tonic its distinctive note. This refreshing drink is now available in the online store and in selected restaurants in Austria and Germany.

A recipe developed with passion

Founders Julia and Lisa spent 18 months trying countless combinations to create the perfect recipe for this high-quality, balanced drink.

Versatile enjoyment at any time of day

MOUNTAIN’S GOAT is perfect as a refreshing drink throughout the day, neat or as a non-alcoholic aperitif. With only half the sugar of regular tonic waters, this bitter refreshing drink is a great alternative.

Ideal for balanced cocktails

Bartenders confirm that MOUNTAIN’S GOAT Alpen Tonic harmonizes perfectly with alcoholic beverages, enhancing their intrinsic flavor with the aromas of alpine herbs and terpenes with cannabis profile. This results in balanced and delicious drinks.

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Closeness to nature and regional identity

The brand name MOUNTAIN’S GOAT reflects the connection to nature and the alpine region. Inspired by the impressive mountain world of Hohe Tauern and the local goats, which stand for lightness, curiosity and jauntiness, MOUNTAIN’S GOAT also embodies the character traits of its founders Julia and Lisa.

MOUNTAIN’S GOAT Alps Tonic – A Philosophy of Life

MOUNTAIN’S GOAT is more than just a brand – it’s a philosophy of life that aims to bring people together to enjoy life and share the special moments together. The founders Julia and Lisa have made it their goal to promote fun, joy in life, sociability and enjoyment in order to create something great together.

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