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nhow Frankfurt: Architecture meets incomparable hotel design

nhow Frankfurt: Architecture meets incomparable hotel design

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During our visit to the “nhow Frankfurt”, we were not only impressed by the extraordinary architecture and central location, but also immersed in a unique hotel experience shaped by the theme “The Art of Money”. Let us take you on our journey through this impressive hotel.

A panorama that is unparalleled

When we entered the nhow Frankfurt, we immediately found ourselves in the heart of the vibrant city life. Strategically located between the financial district and the up-and-coming Europaviertel, we were only a stone’s throw away from central points of contact such as the main railway station and the Frankfurt Trade Fair. We were immediately struck by how perfectly the hotel fits into the iconic skyline of Frankfurt’s financial district.

From the depths to the heights of the ONE by CA Immo skyscraper

Inside the impressive ONE by CA Immo skyscraper, a world of duality opened up to us: work and relaxation, business meetings and leisure pursuits. We were informed that the lower half of the building is dedicated to hotel guests, while the upper half is office space. But the real highlight was the visit to the NFT Skybar on the 47th floor. Over delicious cocktails, we enjoyed a breathtaking view of the city from a height of 185 metres.

Artistic fireworks

In the premises of the nhow Frankfurt, one experiences a thoughtful journey through the evolution of money. As soon as you enter the shimmering golden lobby, you realise how central the theme is here. The lobby area, which with its golden walls and a staircase symbolising a falling coin, recalls the times when gold served as one of the first currencies.

The journey through the history of money continues in the conference rooms in the 2. and 3rd floor, which are modelled on a postmodern trading exchange. The rooms on floors 4 to 14 present themselves with murals of modern paper currencies – always humorous and without exaggerating the theme too much. A special detail: the room numbers are displayed as credit cards in the hallway.

The highlight, however, is the 47th floor. Here, everything revolves around the intangible money of the future. Signs of this digital era such as Bitcoin and nhow dollars adorn the walls. Even the cocktail menu impresses with drinks visualised by NFTs, which were on sale at the bar’s opening. It is a floor that fully embodies the creative and future-oriented spirit of the nhow Frankfurt.

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Culinary delights in stylish surroundings

Our taste buds were also spoiled at the nhow Frankfurt. In the Kantine restaurant we tried the typical in-house nhow breakfast, while in the evening we enjoyed a mix of international delicacies and local specialities. And for the little hunger in between? The Gold Bar in the lobby and the Rich Barista Café offered a welcome change.

Our visit to the nhow Frankfurt was a first-class experience. This hotel combines architecture, design and hospitality in a way that will be remembered. Anyone travelling to Frankfurt should not miss this place.

nhow Frankfurt
Brüsseler Strasse 1-3, 60327 Frankfurt

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