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NIO – Revolutionised cocktail experience for the holidays

NIO – Revolutionised cocktail experience for the holidays

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In a world where quality and convenience often go hand in hand, NIO Cocktails is a shining example of how modern innovation is redefining the art of cocktail enjoyment. Created by the skilful hand of world-renowned mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, NIO’s bespoke cocktail creations bring an exquisite bar experience straight to your living room.

The master behind the flavour

Patrick Pistolesi, the creative mind behind NIO Cocktails, is not just a name in the world of mixology. As the owner of the Drink Kong Bar in Rome, which is ranked 16th among the 50 best bars in the world, Pistolesi brings an expertise that can be felt in every single NIO creation. His collaboration with Siegfried, known for its Rheinland Dry Gin and Siegfried Classic Low, has resulted in an extraordinary flavour experience.

Unique compositions

The collaboration between Pistolesi and Siegfried has resulted in two new, delicious versions of the iconic Negroni and Dry Martini. These creations are more than just cocktails; they are a symphony of flavours that perfectly capture the juniper, floral and subtle citrus notes of Siegfried Gin.

NIO’s Christmas edition

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are traditionally times of coming together and enjoyment. NIO is expanding the range of festive drinks with its exclusive Christmas edition. Inspired by Patrick Pistolesi’s travels and Christmas spices such as ginger, orange, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, these cocktails offer a festive explosion of flavour.

Advent calendar: 24 days full of joy

NIO is revolutionising the traditional idea of the advent calendar with its innovative 12×2 edition, which includes a collection of 24 outstanding premium cocktails. This effortless and uncomplicated way of sharing memorable moments goes far beyond the usual gift – it’s a warm invitation to spend the festive season in the company of those who are special to us.

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NIO Cocktails stands for more than just high-quality drinks. It is an invitation to experience the art of mixing and savouring in a new, exciting form. Whether as a stylish addition to a festive gathering or as a thoughtful gift – NIO enriches every occasion with a touch of exclusivity and enjoyment.

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