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Opening of the Anglo American Hotel Florence in the Tuscan metropolis

Opening of the Anglo American Hotel Florence in the Tuscan metropolis

Anglo American Hotel Florence
Anglo American Hotel Florence
Anglo American Hotel Florence
Anglo American Hotel Florence
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Anglo American Hotel Florence

It’s official! The doors of the Anglo American Hotel Florence, newly integrated into the Curio Collection by Hilton, are now wide open.

The newly opened boutique hotel, equipped with 118 charmingly furnished rooms and an inner courtyard flooded with sunlight, is the latest addition to the Italian Hilton collection. It offers much more than a simple place to stay; it serves as your portal into the enchanted world of Tuscan culture and its aesthetic richness.

A house steeped in history with modern flair

Simon Vincent, Hilton’s Vice President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, summarises the magical attraction of Tuscany, which draws culture enthusiasts year after year.

“With its unique design and locally inspired flavours, the Anglo American Hotel is a dazzling new opening in Florence,” he explains. “In this city, which is teeming with Renaissance art and historical masterpieces, we are particularly pleased to present our latest Hilton property.”

Every corner tells a story

Since its foundation in 1892 as one of the first hotels in Florence, the Anglo American has hosted illustrious personalities such as Leo Tolstoy and Maria Callas. Today, Claudia Bisaccioni, the sales manager, takes visitors into a world where historical charm blends seamlessly with modern comfort. Located in the centre of old Florence, the hotel offers the ideal starting point to immerse yourself in the city’s rich historical and artistic heritage.

Artful living: A symphony of colours

Following the careful renovation by architect Chiara Caberlon, the hotel radiates a new splendour. The room furnishings, enriched with a palette of bold, intense colours and original artworks from the 1920s, create an atmosphere that is both historically resonant and fresh.

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Cuisine and culture under one roof

The centrepiece of the hotel, the Whisper Wine Bar and Courtyard, was once the social meeting place of the British “Scorpions” in the 1930s. Today it is a vibrant place that offers a selection of Tuscan wines and cocktails. Here you can relax under parasols or take part in one of the many cultural events. Meanwhile, the Vivi Bistro serves local and international delicacies that celebrate the flavours of Tuscany.

A window to the Florentine soul

The Anglo American Hotel Florence offers more than just a place to stay; it is a ticket to the world of Florentine art and history. As the perfect retreat, it combines the splendour of bygone times with the comfort of modernity, making it the ideal starting point for exploring one of the world’s most culturally rich cities.

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