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Original Beans – A journey through the world of exquisite chocolate creations

Original Beans – A journey through the world of exquisite chocolate creations

Original Beans

For chocolate lovers and gourmets, the best time of the year begins with a name: Original Beans. This label not only stands for exceptional flavour, but also for sustainability and exclusivity. World-renowned confectioners, chocolatiers and coffee houses rely on this brand to create their culinary works of art.

The chocolate star by Kevin Kugel

Kevin Kugel

Kevin Kugel, a German master chocolatier, enchants chocolate lovers with his praline star. This masterpiece, one of the largest pralines in the world, combines a crunchy Ganduja filling with exquisite nuts, coated in the fine Original Beans milk chocolate 40%. For 11.50 euros, this praline is not only a treat for the palate, but also a feast for the eyes.


Chocolate by Design: Ocelot’s chocolate bars


The Scottish studio Ocelot has made a name for itself by creating unique chocolate bars with Original Beans. Inspired by art and design, these bars, such as Blood Orange or Black Cherry, offer a visual and flavourful feast from €6.90 and are available from Feine Schokoladen.


Crispy temptation: Böckeler Spekulatius biscuits

Böckeler Spekulatius

The Böckeler speculoos are another highlight. Dipped in Original Beans Esmeraldas chocolate, they offer a perfect blend of crunchy biscuit and Christmas spices. In addition, every purchase supports the regional Lebenshilfe organisation in Bühl, Baden-Württemberg, with a donation of 50 cents per pack. The speculoos from Böckeler Confiserie- und Kaffeehausbetriebe are available from 5.90 euros.


CODOS & Black Apron: A refuge for chocolate lovers


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In the cities of Hamburg, Berlin, Hanover and Hildesheim, CODOS Roastery & Kitchen and the Black Apron Bakery invite you to take a chocolatey break. At CODOS, guests can enjoy the Signature Hot Chocolate in a work of art by Viola Beuscher Ceramics. Black Apron, on the other hand, tempts with a vegan chocolate tart garnished with a tonka ganache and coconut chips.


Elegance on every table: Original Beans

Original Beans

Last but not least, the Original Beans bars and gift sets are the perfect presents or souvenirs for any occasion. Available from €4.75, these chocolates offer a luxurious and long-lasting flavour experience. Available in the online shop as well as in delicatessen and organic shops, they are a must-have for anyone who values quality and ethics.


Original Beans represents more than just chocolate; it stands for a philosophy that combines pleasure and responsibility. Each product tells a story of craftsmanship, sustainability and exceptional flavour. This journey through the world of Original Beans shows that chocolate can be much more than a sweet temptation – it is an experience for all the senses and a contribution to a better world.

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