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Pink Soup Fest: A culinary celebration in Lithuania

Pink Soup Fest: A culinary celebration in Lithuania

Pink Soup Fest

On 1 June, Vilnius is transformed into a colourful festival landscape as the Vilnius Pink Soup Festival celebrates the popular Lithuanian summer speciality šaltibarščiai for the second time.

Recently voted the world’s favourite cold soup by Taste Atlas, this event offers visitors the chance to try a wide range of varieties of this iconic cold pink soup.

Culinary centrepiece in the bohemian district

The Pink Soup Fest 2024 rolls out the culinary red carpet in the vibrant heart of Vilnius, on the lively Tymas market right on the edge of the picturesque bohemian neighbourhood. An impressive collection of partnerships with some of the city’s best restaurants, cosy cafés and local pubs ensures an almost endless choice of culinary delights. Here, traditional recipes meet daring new interpretations of the famous Pink Soup. Festival visitors can look forward to an exciting culinary journey that will put their taste buds to the test and certainly delight them.

Diversity and creativity in the Senatorenpassage

In the historic Senatorenpassage, a 400-year-old manor house, visitors are offered something very special. Here you can not only sample local šaltibarščiai, but also try your hand at it yourself. Using fresh, locally sourced ingredients such as beetroot, cucumber, dill, eggs and buttermilk, guests can prepare their own version of pink soup and gain a personal insight into Lithuanian cuisine.

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A festival that offers more than just food

In addition to the culinary delights, culture and art lovers also get their money’s worth at the Vilnius Pink Soup Festival. Creative workshops, live musical performances and a unique fancy dress competition, in which pink accents in clothing are encouraged, make for an all-round entertaining experience. A special highlight is the opportunity to slide down the bastion hill with a panoramic view of Užupis into a giant soup bowl, which is sure to be an unforgettable moment of the festival.

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