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Revolt WLAN radiator thermostat: The game changer for smart living

Revolt WLAN radiator thermostat: The game changer for smart living

revolt WLAN radiator thermostat
revolt WLAN radiator thermostat
revolt WLAN radiator thermostat
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revolt WLAN radiator thermostat

Today we are unveiling a small technological revolution that has not only transformed the four walls of the Eat & Travel editorial team, but is also sure to have a significant impact on your home soon: the Revolt Wi-Fi radiator thermostat.

The future of heating control

Imagine returning from a long journey and being greeted by the ideal cosy temperature in your home. The days of shivering and waiting for the sluggish heating system are over. The Revolt thermostat offers precisely this convenience – worldwide. With the ELESION app on our smartphone, we stay in control of our heating, even when we are in exotic locations.

And what if we’re relaxing comfortably on the sofa and don’t want to waste the slightest thought on getting up to adjust the heating? This is where Alexa and Google Assistant come into play. A short voice command is all it takes to adjust the room temperature to our liking.

A step towards greener heating

But what really convinced us was how the Revolt thermostat helps to save energy – and therefore money. The intelligent window open detection has something magical about it: as soon as a window is opened, the thermostat reduces the heat output. No more unnecessary heating, no more wasted electricity. In our editorial office, we were able to observe how this function, together with the precise programmability via app, has noticeably reduced energy costs.

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Plug in and get started: it couldn’t be easier

One of the biggest plus points is the simplicity of the set-up. The Revolt thermostat came with a range of adaptors that made it easy to connect it to our radiators without having to drain the system. Compatibility with a wide range of valve manufacturers also means that almost anyone can benefit from this modern heating control system.

Our conclusion

Since we put the Revolt WLAN radiator thermostat through its paces, it has become an integral part of our daily lives. This small but powerful appliance has not only noticeably increased comfort in the Eat & Travel editorial office, but has also made us more aware of how we use energy. The ease of use, combined with the remarkable ability to control the heating from anywhere in the world, has completely won us over. For all those who want to enrich their everyday life with a smart, energy-saving solution, the Revolt thermostat is more than just a recommendation – it is a clear choice for a better quality of life and environmental awareness.

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