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The Chedi El Gouna: Shiny new addition in Egypt

The Chedi El Gouna: Shiny new addition in Egypt

The Chedi El Gouna

The Chedi El Gouna has achieved elite member status with the Leading Hotels of the World, strengthening its luxury profile in the Egyptian vacation paradise of El Gouna. The festive opening of the hotel took place in December 2022, an event that ushered in a new era of luxury and elegance in this stunning Red Sea lagoon city.

The Chedi El Gouna is a prime example of sustainable luxury

The Chedi El Gouna is more than just a place of affluence. It is a hotel that places environmental standards and sustainability at the heart of its operating philosophy. The hotel’s luxury chic blends seamlessly with a deep commitment to the environment, creating a place that reflects the splendor of El Gouna in every corner.

Unforgettable experiences in El Gouna

The town of El Gouna itself, a modern destination with a picture-perfect atmosphere and sunny days all year round, reflects the exclusivity and charm of the hotel. As a guest of The Chedi El Gouna, you will experience the special atmosphere and unique vacation experiences of this vibrant city every day of the year.

Luxury and comfort in a breathtaking location

From the finest culinary offerings to first-class rooms and suites, a lavish spa and the breathtaking backdrop of the Red Sea, the hotel sets new standards in comfort and luxury. It offers an unparalleled haven for those who wish to fully enjoy the natural beauty of El Gouna.

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An elite circle of hotels

The Leading Hotels of the World, synonymous with outstanding luxury travel experiences for over 90 years, welcomes only hotels that offer the highest quality and uniqueness. The Chedi El Gouna has proven itself a worthy part of this elite collection of hotels by continually setting industry standards.

The Chedi El Gouna: Conveniently accessible dream destination El Gouna

El Gouna, which is located only 25 kilometers north of Hurghada and has an international airport, can be easily reached from all European capitals. With ten kilometers of beach and a variety of stores, restaurants, clubs and cafes, this city is a dream destination that welcomes every visitor.

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