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The Grand Restaurant – A Renaissance of Haute Cuisine

The Grand Restaurant – A Renaissance of Haute Cuisine

The Grand Restaurant

A taste experience that is deeply rooted in culinary roots and yet appears refreshingly innovative.

A historical touch in a modern guise

The name “The Grand Restaurant” is on everyone’s lips in Berlin. And for good reason! In the heart of the capital, chef Tilo Roth has created a culinary masterpiece that draws its inspiration from the esprit of Escoffier. Auguste Escoffier, the father of haute cuisine, would certainly be proud of the way his legacy is carried over into the modern age here.

“The basics are really excellent, you don’t have to reinvent everything,” says Roth.

He emphasises that it is not about constantly setting new trends, but about appreciating and cultivating the true values of the culinary art. A clear statement against the fast-moving times and for quality and craftsmanship.

Culinary surprises that honour tradition

What can guests expect at “The Grand Restaurant“? A return to real taste and quality! No corners are cut here to follow trends or save time. Roth focuses on authenticity. “We still surprise the guests because they often don’t know how excellent even a simple Salad Niçoise can taste,” he enthuses. For example: A Salad Niçoise at The Grand Restaurant is not just served. It is celebrated – with freshly grilled tuna, quail eggs, anchovies, potatoes, green beans, red radicchio salad, capers, artichokes and red onion.

Classics with a twist: The specialities of the house

But it’s not just about salads. The Grand Restaurant seduces with a range of delicacies that are almost legendary, such as the Périgueux sauce or the lobster bisque. And for the sweet ones among us? A crème brûlée that comes in two varieties: pistachio and the timeless vanilla.

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Inspired by Escoffier, reinterpreted by Roth

It is this mixture of reverence and innovation that makes the restaurant so special. The old Escoffier spirit combined with Roth’s fresh approach promises a culinary experience that is second to none. And a glass of the finest wine to go with it? The wine list includes classics such as Sauvignon Blanc, Sancerre and red wines from Bordeaux and Burgundy.

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