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Discover Cape Town’s kitchen treasures: A visit to the Time Out Market

Discover Cape Town’s kitchen treasures: A visit to the Time Out Market

Time Out Market Kapstadt

Visitors to Cape Town are immersed in a world where the flavours of the world meet and mingle. The beating heart of this culinary fusion? The Time Out Market Cape Town.

Right on the waterfront, in the middle of the historic dockyard district, this market has opened the doors to a universe full of flavours that you won’t be leaving any time soon. Just a few minutes away from the exclusive Ellerman House, the Time Out Market Cape Town opens its doors for an unrivalled culinary adventure.

Cuisine meets culture

Cape Town’s colourful history as a trading port has shaped a culinary landscape that is second to none. Here, where Africa, Europe and Asia meet, a variety of flavours is created that makes the palate dance. The Time Out Market picks up on this tradition and takes it a step further – a modern marketplace that combines the best that local chefs and international cuisines have to offer.

What can you expect?

Just imagine: You stroll through the halls of the market, surrounded by the aromas of freshly prepared food, from South African spices to Asian finesse. Over 13 different cuisines invite you to go on a culinary journey around the world without even setting foot outside Cape Town. Whether you follow the call for a glass of exquisite wine from the Cape region or let yourself be tempted by the creative cocktails from one of the four bars – every taste will find its home here.

A piece of home, a touch of the exotic

Especially in the spotlight: Peter Tempelhoff, a legend of the South African cookery scene, who is represented in the Market with Ramenhead. Ramenhead is more than just a restaurant – it is an invitation to enjoy the flavours of Asia, accompanied by the first Yamato noodle machine on the African continent.

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Not just for tourists

Anyone who thinks Cape Town’s markets are only for tourists is mistaken. A short walk away you will discover the Oranjezicht City Farm Market, a highlight for anyone looking for authentic South African flavours. This is where locals shop and where you can find the real Cape Town. And for those who want more after the feast: The Mojo Market in Sea Point awaits with its unique mix of food, shopping and culture.

My tip?

Take the time to explore Cape Town’s culinary delights. The Time Out Market and its neighbours are more than just places to eat – they are windows into the soul of this diverse city. Let yourself drift, try new things and let the flavours work their magic on you. Because here, in Cape Town, every dish tells its own story.

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