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Valentino Cassanelli – A symbol of innovation and tradition

Valentino Cassanelli – A symbol of innovation and tradition

Valentino Cassanelli
Valentino Cassanelli
Valentino Cassanelli
Valentino Cassanelli
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Valentino Cassanelli

Valentino Cassanelli is a name that is causing a stir in the Italian culinary landscape and beyond. With an impressive career that began in Spilamberto and has taken him through the most prestigious kitchens in Europe, Cassanelli embodies a rare combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovative creativity.

Early inspirations and cornerstones

Valentino Cassanelli, born in 1984, spent his childhood in the picturesque small town of Spilamberto, surrounded by the rural beauty of Italy. He discovered his love of cooking as a young boy, strongly influenced by his grandmother, a true master in the kitchen. Her cooking skills and her knowledge of the treasures of local produce awakened in him a deep understanding of the importance of freshness and quality. It was more than just cooking; it was an art that he learnt from her. These early lessons had a lasting impact on him.

After finishing school, he made his way to the Catering College in Serramazzoni. There he honed his skills and the craft he loved as a child. His training eventually took him to London – a city that was to become an important chapter in his professional career. He gained valuable experience in the vibrant metropolis and laid the foundations for his later successes. London was just the beginning, but a decisive step on his way to becoming one of the most renowned chefs of our time.

The London years and the return to Italy

Cassanelli’s time in London, in high-calibre restaurants such as Mosaic in Mayfair and Nobu in Berkeley Street, formed an important part of his career. But Italy’s reputation and Milan’s dynamic restaurant scene drew him back to his home country. Under the guidance of Carlo Cracco in Milan, he grew not only professionally but also creatively.

The creation of Lux Lucis

2012 was a turning point in Cassanelli’s career: he took over the management of the Lux Lucis restaurant at Principe Forte dei Marmi. Within three months of its opening, Lux Lucis received enormous recognition and was finally awarded its first Michelin star in 2017. Cassanelli’s cuisine at Lux Lucis is a free expression of Italian cooking, characterised by his unfettered creativity and the richness of local produce.

A harmony of kitchen and cellar

The close collaboration with Maître Sommelier Sokol Ndreko emphasises Cassanelli’s philosophy of perfect harmony between kitchen and cellar. Their shared passion allows them to create exquisitely balanced menus that travel from land to sea, always using the best seasonal ingredients.

A culinary jewel in the middle of nature

The Lux Lucis, located on the roof of the Hotel Principe Forte dei Marmi, offers an unrivalled ambience with its breathtaking location between the mountains and the sea. Surrounded by glass walls, guests can enjoy the magical evening lights and panoramic views while being enchanted by Cassanelli’s artistic creations.

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Exclusivity at the Chef’s Table

At Lux Lucis, the Chef’s Table offers a very special opportunity: here, guests can experience Cassanelli’s culinary masterpieces up close in a very personal atmosphere. On this exclusive occasion, where fine wines and sophisticated cocktails accompany the menu, every bite is a sensual delight. It is an experience that goes beyond the ordinary restaurant visit and creates an unforgettable connection between the guest and Cassanelli’s culinary art.

Sustainability and regionality

Cassanelli’s commitment goes beyond the kitchen. He is actively committed to sustainability and regionality. By working with local suppliers and using “zero kilometre” products, he is helping to protect the local environment and preserve the region’s culinary tradition.


Valentino Cassanelli is not only an exceptional chef, but also an innovator and keeper of traditional values. His journey, characterised by passion, dedication and creativity, makes him an outstanding representative of modern Italian cuisine. At Lux Lucis, guests not only find culinary excellence, but also a piece of Italian culture and history. Cassanelli’s tireless pursuit of perfection and sustainability makes him a true master of his trade.

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