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Welcome to Castelfalfi: where Tuscany shows its most beautiful face

Welcome to Castelfalfi: where Tuscany shows its most beautiful face

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If you drive just an hour from Italy’s cultural treasures such as Pisa, Florence and Siena, you stumble across a place that is so picturesque it could be straight out of a picture book: Castelfalfi.

In 2024, the tide is turning for this jewel of Tuscany and it proudly presents its latest treasures – from cosy new accommodation to a spa that invites you to dream and a restaurant whose dishes will make your mouth water. These new features are the icing on the cake of an ambitious project that was launched in 2022 with the aim of creating a resort that is second to none. Castelfalfi is an oasis without borders that combines the best of two worlds: medieval charm and modern luxury, surrounded by a picturesque landscape that is worth a visit in itself.

Accommodation and design: a home away from home

Transformed by an extensive renovation, Castelfalfi now offers 146 rooms that will make any designer’s heart beat faster. Whether you opt for a room in the historic main building or one of the seven scattered villas, you will find a perfect blend of comfort and style everywhere. Particularly noteworthy are the Signature Suites and the Casa Medici – a villa that seems to have stepped straight out of a fairytale book with its modern luxury and views of the Tuscan hills.

Culinary discoveries: Flavour experiences in a class of their own

Castelfalfi’s cuisine is a reflection of the Tuscan soul. Under the leadership of head chef Davide De Simone, six restaurants and bars take visitors on a culinary journey characterised by the philosophy “from the field straight to the plate“. Whether you dine in the medieval castle at La Rocca, in the lively Bistro Olivina or in the Trattoria Il Rosmarino – everywhere the ingredients are treated with respect and transformed into masterpieces.

Wellness and relaxation: a refuge for body and soul

The RAKxa Wellness Spa in Castelfalfi really is a place where you can relax and unwind. This is where ancient knowledge meets modern wellness, and the result? Absolutely unique moments of relaxation. Imagine you’re swimming in the infinity pool and your gaze wanders over the breathtaking landscape – that’s relaxation on a whole new level. What makes it special? Each offer is customised to your wishes. In short: in this spa you will experience relaxation as you have never felt it before.

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Sustainability and nature: a green conscience

The passion for sustainability permeates every element of Castelfalfi. From organic viticulture to the careful care of the olive groves and the preservation of the local flora and fauna, the estate’s commitment to living in harmony with nature is evident. This green conscience makes Castelfalfi a role model for future developments.

Activities: More than just a holiday

Castelfalfi offers a wealth of activities that give every holiday that little bit extra. Whether you want to relax with yoga, cycle through the vineyards or immerse yourself in the art of pizza baking – everyone will find their own personal highlight here. It is the perfect opportunity not only to see the Tuscan way of life, but to really experience it. Castelfalfi is more than just a holiday destination; it is a window into the soul of Tuscany, open to all those seeking genuine luxury, deep relaxation and authentic experiences. A place that becomes richer with every visit.

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