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World Tourism Days 2025 – A global festival of hospitality

World Tourism Days 2025 – A global festival of hospitality

World Tourism Days 2025

The world is turning its attention to Malaysia, the proud host country of World Tourism Days (WTD) 2025. Under the motto “Tourism and Sustainable Transformation”, this global event promises to be a pioneering forum for the future of tourism.

Malacca as the centrepiece of Malaysia’s past

Malacca, the chosen city for WTD 2025, is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also a melting pot of history. From the rule of the Malay Sultanate to the colonial footprints of the Portuguese, Dutch and British, Malacca represents Malaysia’s rich and layered history.

Malacca as a living cultural heritage

Malacca as it stands today is a real crowd puller, vibrant and colourful, a place where cultures cross and mingle. Here you can feel the soul of the Malay Archipelago, the pulse of India, the flair of China and the heritage of Europe – everything blends into a unique mosaic. When you walk along the Melaka River, you can feel the stories that this place tells. Where busy traders once landed their wares, today life flows past charming colonial façades, quaint commercial buildings and impressive works of art. Every corner, every street here tells its own story, embedded in the beautiful picture that is Malacca today.

WTD 2025

World Tourism Day, celebrated annually on 27 September, highlights the importance of tourism for the international community. But WTD 2025 in Malaysia is more than just a date in the calendar – it is a promise for the future, a catalyst for sustainable change in the tourism sector.

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Malaysia and world tourism

YB Dato Sri Tiong King Sing, Malaysia’s Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, summarises the country’s vision: “Malaysia is delighted to welcome high-level representatives and delegates from around the world to Malacca.” The hosting of WTD 2025 is a strategic move under the Visit Malaysia 2026 campaign, which aims to attract 26.1 million tourists and generate RM97.6 billion in revenue.


The World Tourism Days 2025 in Malaysia are far more than just another big event on the calendar. It’s a real turning point, a moment that shows us how important tourism is for our world and how it can help us to change things for the better. And Malacca, with its rich history and cultural diversity, is the perfect place for this. Imagine being in the centre of this historic melting pot, experiencing its fascinating culture first-hand and at the same time being part of a movement that is redefining the future of tourism around the world. It is an opportunity to experience history and write history at the same time.

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