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Hamilton Ventura is an icon of the art of watchmaking

Hamilton Ventura is an icon of the art of watchmaking

The Hamilton Ventura is an icon of watchmaking, a titan of industrial design. With its unconventional triangular case, electric movement and sci-fi aesthetic, the 1957 invention by famed American designer Richard Arbib quickly found its way into the public consciousness. It became the talk of the town at the latest after Elvis Presley’s appearance with a Ventura on his wrist in the 1961 film “Blue Hawaii”. Powered by an electromagnetic coil, the watch was a technological breakthrough that represented a transition from the traditional world of mechanical watchmaking to the quartz movement technology that emerged in the 1960s.

Hamilton Ventura is a true collector’s item

This year, the Ventura returns to the spotlight of the Hamilton collection as a special limited edition, made of 130 individual pieces in solid 14-karat gold, just like the original model. The new Ventura L celebrates its 130th anniversary. Hamilton’s 50th anniversary and commemorates the technical innovations and avant-garde approach of our company, which are the driving forces behind our pioneering developments. A special engraving of the Hamilton logo on the caseback makes this Special Edition a true collector’s item and a symbol of innovative watchmaking that continues the legacy of the world’s first electric wristwatch and pays homage to our long-standing tradition. In the here and now, its design continues to be sensational, authentic and convincing: the new Ventura L combines a dial in subtle black with eye-catching yellow gold-colored hour and minute hands and indices, red lacquered second hands, a reliable quartz movement and a classic black leather strap with a double-folding clasp also with yellow PVD coating.

Its diameter of 33.11 mm x 51.6 mm and height of only 9.38 mm makes the watch a versatile companion.

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