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Sights Queensland: Discover the hidden paradise of Great Keppel Island

Sights Queensland: Discover the hidden paradise of Great Keppel Island

Queensland attractions: Great Keppel Island, located on the southern Great Barrier Reef, is the largest of the 18 islands in the Keppel Group. Just a 30-minute ferry ride from Yeppoon, this island offers an unparalleled density of coral and 17 gorgeous white sand beaches. Walking trails with breathtaking views and an impressive population of echidnas make Great Keppel Island one of Queensland’s most significant natural treasures.

Diving and snorkeling with Master Reef Guides

Lyndsey and Sam Appleton, owners of Keppel Dive and Snorkel, are among the most renowned Master Reef Guides in Australia. Their goal is to bring the Great Barrier Reef closer to people and to work for the protection of this unique ecosystem. The Master Reef Guides act as a link between tourism, environmental protection and science.

Sights Queensland
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The resilience of the corals around Great Keppel Island

The corals around the island have shown remarkable resilience, especially after the severe coral bleaching in 2020. Great Keppel Island therefore provides a fascinating research area and natural laboratory for marine biologists.

The ACRYL program, funded by the Australian Institute of Marine Biology (AIMS) and the BHP Group, has selected the Keppel Islands group as the focus for a reef stewardship project. The Appletons are in close contact with the research community and share valuable information about coral spawning times and changes in habitat conditions.

Commitment to the Eye on the Reef program

The Appleton couple and their team participate in the Eye on the Reef program, an initiative of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. Through this citizen science, tourists can actively contribute to the protection of the Great Barrier Reef by collecting information about the reef’s condition and marine fauna.

The Reef Ranger Tour – Immerse yourself in the world of the Great Barrier Reef

Vacationers who want to learn more about corals, the Great Barrier Reef and the special diversity of Great Keppel Island should book the Reef Ranger Tour. In the process, they gather valuable information that is made available to the Eye on the Reef network.

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Sights Queensland
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Experiences under water with the Master Reef Guides

Lyndsey and Sam Appleton have numerous stories to tell about their fascinating experiences underwater, from encounters with humpback whales to their experiences as underwater filmmakers. The Master Reef Guides inform vacationers about how each individual can contribute to the preservation of the reef and offer helpful tips to actively participate in the protection of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Site.

Ways to get involved with the Great Barrier Reef.

There are many different ways to get involved in protecting the Great Barrier Reef, whether on a day trip or a longer stay on Great Keppel Island. Every contribution is important and helps to maintain the fragile ecosystem.

Places to stay on Great Keppel Island

The island offers a variety of accommodations, from cozy beach huts to luxurious resorts. This means that there is a suitable accommodation option for every vacation taste and budget. Experience the beauty of Great Keppel Island and discover why it is considered one of the most underrated places on the Great Barrier Reef.

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