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Solasi Festival Somabay: A Journey of Inner Balance and Well-Being

Solasi Festival Somabay: A Journey of Inner Balance and Well-Being

Solasi Festival Somabay

The Solasi Festival Somabay is not only a yoga and wellbeing festival, but an invitation to young and old to balance mind, body and soul. From 21 to 23 September, this event in Somabay will feature a variety of activities, from yoga to music to creative workshops.

Holistic experience for everyone

The growing need for inner balance and physical well-being has led Somabay to connect with the Solasi Festival. After an enormous success last year, the festival is now returning. It offers different passes for all ages, with a special focus on family-friendly activities that guarantee an inclusive experience.

Programme highlights

Against the picturesque backdrop of sun, mountains and sea, guests are immersed in yoga, movement and holistic therapies, complemented by play, relaxation and music. Activities such as sound healing, funky classes, morning runs, workshops, healing treatments, sunrise yoga and many more promise to provide a holistic experience for every participant.

There are a variety of activities for families, from treasure hunts to arts and crafts classes, kids’ yoga and thrill adventures like tightrope walking.

More than just a festival

The Solasi Festival Somabay is not just an event, it is a movement. It also promotes community and environmental protection, as the collective beach clean-up shows. In addition, the night sky lights up in a fascinating fireworks ceremony, while shamanic drum sessions take participants into the world of ancient rhythms.

Individual well-being

For those looking for a deeper, more individual experience, the festival offers special treatments and individual sessions. From guided meditations to energy healing to personal wellness consultations – there is something for everyone.

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Initiators and supporters

The festival was created by @yesyogaday and @osanafamilywellness and is supported by renowned yoga teachers and gurus. In addition, there are special conditions for accommodation offered during the festival to ensure a comfortable experience for guests.

All in all, the Solasi Festival Somabay is a perfect opportunity to rediscover yourself, relax and have fun at the same time. It is not just an event, but a journey of inner growth and wellbeing. Visit Somabay and experience this magical journey for yourself!

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