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Studio32: A new dimension of experience next to the Bonvivant

Studio32: A new dimension of experience next to the Bonvivant


The honor of a Michelin star has not changed the Bonvivant cocktail bistro. Behind the scenes, creativity remains unbridled. Head chef Nikodemus Berger and bar manager Elias Heintz work continuously to offer their guests unique experiences. Your latest acquisition? The unveiling of the event space “Studio32”.

The concept behind Studio32

Studio32 is more than just an extension of the existing restaurant. With its 42 square meters right next to the cocktail bistro, it offers a platform for a wide variety of culinary events. Be it vegetarian cooking classes that continue the Bonvivant’s sustainable philosophy, theme-based cocktail classes, exclusive wine tastings or special tastings, the new studio makes it all possible.

High quality equipment for exceptional events

It’s not just the design that inspires. The interior of the studio is as impressive as that of the adjacent restaurant. But it is above all the equipment that makes Studio32 stand out. Equipped with professional kitchen space, top-of-the-line catering equipment, a high-quality sound system and high-speed WiFi, Studio32 provides the ideal environment for seamlessly organized events.

Accessible and cost-efficient

Despite its exclusivity, Studio32 remains accessible to many. The cost of the seasonal cooking classes starts at 125 euros per person. Liquid workshops can be booked from 59 euros per person, and room rental starts from 240 euros per person – for four hours.

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A world of its own in Goltzstraße

The new event location is located at 32 Goltzstrasse and has its own entrance, perfect for private events. It’s not just an extension of Bonvivant Cocktail Bistro, but a world in its own right waiting to be discovered. With Studio32, Berger and Heintz’s team is expanding the ways we can enjoy culinary experiences.

The Studio32 of the Bonvivant

The Bonvivant is a place of gathering, enjoyment, experience and curiosity. Here, bistronomy is lived for epicureans and invites you on a journey – through the vegetarian-vegan variety – for every taste. Old processes are thought of in a more innovative way, popular classics are reinterpreted and a balance of expertise and the joy of experimentation create an incomparable experience. Studio32 is located right next to the Bonvivant.

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