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Discover the magic of the Ankerkraut Advent calendar

Discover the magic of the Ankerkraut Advent calendar

Ankerkraut Adventskalender

If you are looking for a unique way to spice up the Advent season, the Ankerkraut Advent calendars are just the thing. With a careful selection of spices and loving design, they promise an aromatic journey through December. Read on to find out which calendar suits you best.

The variety of Ankerkraut Advent calendars

Ankerkraut offers an impressive range of Advent calendars that are suitable for both spice novices and experienced chefs. Not only Ankerkraut Ultra fans will get their money’s worth, but anyone who wants to enrich their cooking skills with new flavours.

For beginners – The Lütte Advent calendar

“Der Lütte” is the perfect introduction to the world of spices. It contains 24 different spice blends in a bag to enrich the culinary delights of December. A versatile selection that whets the appetite for new recipe creations at an affordable price. At €17.90 RRP, this calendar offers great value.

Square, practical, delicious – the Anker Cube advent calendar

The Anker Cube Advent calendar, available in German supermarkets and in the Ankerkraut online shop, offers a combination of 22 spice blends in a bag and two in a cork jar. This calendar combines quality and convenience at a price of €34.99.

Exclusive indulgence experience – The Premium Plus Advent calendar

The Premium Plus Advent calendar is for those who want to treat themselves to something special. With 6 tasting bags and 18 cork glasses, including six new developments and exclusive products, it is a real feast for the senses. A booklet with delicious recipes encourages you to get your hands dirty with a wooden spoon for €89.90.

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The sustainable must-have – the deluxe advent calendar

The Deluxe Advent Calendar, a limited one-off for €169.90, offers 18 new developments and 8 surprises. Thanks to its versatile wooden shelf with branded Ankerkraut logo, this calendar can be used long after the festive season is over.

The Ankerkraut Advent calendars are more than just a countdown to Christmas; it is an invitation to discover the world of spices and enrich your kitchen with new flavours. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, there is a calendar that perfectly suits your taste and budget. Choose your favourite and experience an aromatic Christmas season!

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