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AURA by Alexander Herrmann & Tobias Bätz with the Future Lab ANIMA

AURA by Alexander Herrmann & Tobias Bätz with the Future Lab ANIMA

AURA by Alexander Herrmann

The restaurant Alexander Herrmann by Tobias Bätz becomes the new AURA by Alexander Herrmann & Tobias Bätz. Alexander Herrmann has been known as an entertainer and successful restaurateur for over 20 years. With his “Posthotel Alexander Herrmann” and a team of 120 employees, he has made a name for himself in the catering industry. In addition to his presence on television, he has also published cookbooks, staged live shows and developed fine food products.

The award-winning gourmet restaurant

At the center of his work is the fifth-generation Posthotel in Wirsberg with its two Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant. Tobias Bätz has been working as a partner of Herrmann since 2009, first as head chef and later as executive chef.

AURA by Alexander Herrmann & Tobias Bätz – The new concept

The former restaurant Alexander Herrmann by Tobias Bätz is now transformed into the restaurant AURA by Alexander Herrmann & Tobias Bätz, complemented by the Future Lab ANIMA. The name AURA symbolizes the special atmosphere and experience for guests who discover a world of flavors in the spirit of “home without borders”.

AURA by Alexander Herrmann
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The diverse cuisine of Franconia

For Herrmann and Bätz, Franconia stands for a culinary specialty that goes beyond beer, bratwurst and gingerbread. They focus on a flavor independence that combines exotic ingredients like green papaya, artichokes and ginger as well as regional products.

Joshi Osswald – The Food Scout

To find special ingredients of the highest quality, Herrmann hired food scout Joshi Osswald. He has been part of the team for twelve years and since 2020 has been responsible for discovering interesting products and maintaining communication with the more than 70 Franconian producers.

The philosophy of the home without borders

The concept of “home without borders” is evident in dishes like “12 year old cow”. The twelve-year-old Hereford cattle come from the farm of the Leichtenstern family near Bayreuth. Close cooperation between the Wirsberg team and the farm enabled the meat quality to be optimized by adapted feeding of the animals.

Refinement of the ingredients

Around 80 percent of the products served were processed, for example fermented, pickled or dried. To make this possible, Herrmann launched the ANIMA Future Lab, which stores about 150 different foods.

The creative process at AURA by Alexander Herrmann & Tobias Bätz

Over the course of several weeks, Herrmann and Bätz create the menu from the food items in ANIMA. They develop a flavor profile and discuss it with AURA chef Philipp Weichlein, who works with his team to turn it into a dish. After tasting and adjusting, the finished dish finally emerges, reflecting Herrmann and Bätz’s original idea.

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Sustainability and regionality are of major importance at AURA. By working with regional producers and using local ingredients, Herrmann and Bätz promote not only environmental protection but also awareness of the importance of regional foods.

The AURA restaurant offers guests a full experience that goes beyond culinary indulgence. The atmosphere and philosophy of “home without borders” can be experienced throughout the restaurant, creating a unique place where guests are always happy to linger.

The successful combination of tradition and innovation

At AURA by Alexander Herrmann & Tobias Bätz, the duo Herrmann and Bätz succeed in combining the traditional flavors of Franconia with innovative taste creations. This exclusive experience attracts guests from the region and beyond, helping to elevate Franconian cuisine to a new level.

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