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W Budapest Gastronomy: Revolution of the culinary scene

W Budapest Gastronomy: Revolution of the culinary scene

W Budapest Gastronomie

With the upcoming opening of W Budapest this July, W Hotels Worldwide, a brand in Marriott Bonvoy’s 31-brand portfolio, will permanently change Budapest’s gastronomic landscape. There will be three novel gastronomic concepts that bring to life the vibrant social life and cultural heritage of the Hungarian capital. With these concepts, W Budapest aims to whet the appetite of both guests and locals for unexpected culinary connections.

W Budapest Gastronomy: Asian Flair Meets Budapest

One of the new concepts of W Budapest gastronomy is the Asian-inspired restaurant Nightingale by Beefbar, created by renowned restaurateur Riccardo Giraudi. This concept is a spin-off of the world-renowned Beefbar concept, which is now being implemented at an exciting new location in Budapest. The menu offers guests a journey into Asian cuisine, uniquely combining soul food and luxury.

The Beefbar philosophy: A worldwide success

Giraudi’s Beefbar philosophy, which he developed in Monaco in 2005, focuses on contrast and breaking established codes to create new dishes and luxurious, modern and accessible experiences. Today, Beefbar has offshoots in cities like Paris, London, Hong Kong and Dubai.

W Budapest Gastronomy
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Nightingale by Beefbar: A gastronomic centerpiece

At the W Budapest, Nightingale by Beefbar becomes the gastronomic heart of the hotel. The innovative restaurant concept combines fresh, traditional Asian flavors with a selection of Beefbar’s signature and iconic meat dishes. Under the direction of Chef Fabio Polidori, the result is a menu perfect for sharing among friends.

Culinary delights from the Nightingale by Beefbar kitchen

Guests can look forward to Crispy Carpaccio with a spicy chipotle dressing or Yellowtail Sashimi with Yuzu Truffle Sauce as appetizers. Main dishes such as cod fillets in an East-West miso ouzo sauce or veal sanglet marinated in miso promise an unforgettable taste experience. Finally, Miss Bao offers caramelized bananas dipped in dark chocolate sauce.

The Bar: Mediterranean nights in the heart of Budapest

In addition to the restaurant area, Nightingale by Beefbar offers an impressive bar, which skillfully gives its guests the feeling of endless Mediterranean nights. The drink menu reflects the essence of the Mediterranean and embraces traditional Asian flavors in a playful way.

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Society25: W Budapest secret speakeasy bar

Another culinary attraction at the W Budapest is Society25, a secret speakeasy bar in the hotel’s basement. Inspired by the creative conversations and secret societies of the past, the bar offers an extremely intimate atmosphere. The cocktail menu borrows from W Budapest’s fascinating design stories and includes eight bespoke cocktails that pay tribute to the city’s eras, people and events.

The variety of gastronomic options at W Budapest underscores the brand’s revolutionary aspirations. With this new opening, the hotel not only expands the city’s culinary landscape, but becomes a culinary hotspot itself, inspiring enthusiasm among guests and locals alike.

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