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PRET A MANGER Berlin – Freshness, quality and style in the heart of the city

PRET A MANGER Berlin – Freshness, quality and style in the heart of the city

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The arrival of PRET A MANGER in Berlin marks a turning point in urban food culture – an event that will electrify connoisseurs and trend-conscious people alike. With the openings in Friedrichstraße and in the former Sony Centre, PRET A MANGER is opening a new chapter in Berlin’s gastronomy scene. But what makes this British fresh food chain so special, and why should Berliners and visitors alike take notice?

A fresh concept for Berlin

At the heart of the PRET A MANGER offer is a range of freshly prepared dishes – from savoury sandwiches and wraps to tempting desserts. The branches in Friedrichstraße and the former Sony Centre invite you to immerse yourself in a world where freshness and quality are not empty promises, but a living reality.

Dr Elmar Alexander Voigt from PM Nord GmbH, the driving force behind the expansion in Germany, puts it in a nutshell: “We want to offer high-quality food and perfectly prepared coffee in Berlin.”

Sustainability and ethics

PRET A MANGER distinguishes itself not only through its fresh offerings, but also through its sustainable and ethical-social commitment. The 100% organic coffee, a cornerstone of the concept, is prepared by trained baristas and comes from sustainable cultivation – a tribute to the long-term support of coffee farmers. Unsold food finds its way to charitable organisations such as the Berliner Tafel, proof of the brand’s social awareness.

Strategically placed locations

The choice of locations in Berlin – from the bustling Friedrichstraße to the vibrant former Sony Centre – shows PRET A MANGER’s feel for the needs and preferences of city dwellers and tourists. With further openings planned at Potsdamer Platz, Leipziger Platz and in Steglitz, the chain is strategically anchoring itself in the cityscape and bringing a breath of fresh air to the local gastronomy scene.

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An enrichment for Berlin’s catering trade

With PRET A MANGER, Berlin is opening a new chapter in its gastronomic history. The combination of freshness, quality, sustainability and strategic location promises to have a lasting impact on the way Berliners and visitors eat and enjoy their food. It’s more than just a new fast food chain; it’s a statement for conscious, high-quality food in the fast-paced world of the capital.

Addresses of the locations:

  • Friedrichstraße 67-70 (Ecke Taubenstraße), 10117 Berlin
  • Sony Center, Potsdamer Str. 2, 10785 Berlin
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