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Akira Back opens his first restaurant in Spain

Akira Back opens his first restaurant in Spain

Akira Back Restaurant Spain
Akira Back Restaurant Spain
Akira Back Restaurant Spain
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Akira Back Restaurant Spain

A fascinating alliance is emerging at the centre of the opulent The Ritz-Carlton, Abama in Tenerife, an already renowned culinary epicentre with an impressive line-up of eight restaurants and bars. Michelin-starred chef Akira Back is now opening his first restaurant in Spain.

Akira Back: A global icon of kitchen innovation

Over the past twenty years, Akira Back has built a reputation in the gastronomic sphere that is synonymous with innovation, ingenuity and an exquisite palate. With 26 firmly established locations around the globe and more in the development phase, Akira Back embodies the spirit of a culinary pioneer who fuses traditional methods with a contemporary, innovative approach.

A culinary bridge between cultures

The first Akira Back restaurant in Spain is a homage to modern Japanese cuisine, enriched with personal influences from Back’s life story and his travels. The menu is a carefully curated collection of dishes that includes Back’s signature dishes as well as local inspirations. The restaurant itself is a total work of art, whose design is given an additional dimension by modern artworks by Akira’s mother, Young Hee. These works of art, which embody concepts such as “love” and “joy“, offer guests a unique opportunity to experience gastronomy and art in harmony.

A menu that tells stories

Every dish at Akira Back Restaurant tells a story, inspired by Back’s adventures, childhood memories and his Korean roots. The creations range from the innovative AB Tuna Pizza to locally inspired dishes such as the Cherne Robata, which together form a dynamic tasting menu. These dishes demonstrate not only Back’s ability to combine different flavours into a harmonious whole, but also his passion for evoking emotions and memories through food.

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A vision that connects

The collaboration between Akira Back and The Ritz-Carlton, Abama stems from shared enthusiasms and a unanimous vision of brilliance in gastronomy. This alliance not only enhances the resort’s gastronomic repertoire, but also demonstrates the cultural synapse that can arise from a passion for the culinary arts.

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