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Nobelhart & Schmutzig

In the heart of Berlin, the renowned eatery Nobelhart & Schmutzig is preparing for a major innovation.

On 1 April 2024, the critically acclaimed restaurant announces a profound transformation of its culinary concept – a bold move that retains the restaurant’s philosophy while opening its doors further and introducing a new pricing structure. This development marks a turning point for the institution, which has been a pioneer of the “brutally local” movement in the German gastronomy scene since it opened in 2015.

A culinary evolution

Nobelhart & Schmutzig, known for its close ties to local producers and its uncompromising dedication to quality and sustainability, is ushering in a new era. Instead of the previous format of a tasting menu with ten small courses, guests are now presented with six carefully prepared, slightly larger dishes. This change promises a more rustic yet refined dining experience that further emphasises the restaurant’s deep connection to regional agriculture. From yellow beetroot with Lakeland saffron to veal from Angler red cattle, each dish tells a story of dedication and respect for the ingredients.

Accessibility in times of inflation

At a time when inflation and price increases are challenging the catering industry, the reorientation of Nobelhart & Schmutzig is a welcome alternative. The new prices, which are 115 euros per person from Tuesdays to Thursdays and 130 euros per person at weekends and before public holidays, are evidence of the endeavour to make high-quality gastronomy accessible to a wider public. The introduction of multiple occupancies in the evening also allows guests to organise their visit more flexibly without having to compromise on the quality of the experience.

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Philosophy remains unaffected

Despite the changes to the range and price structure, the core philosophy of Nobelhart & Schmutzig remains untouched. The commitment to “brutally local” ingredients and close collaboration with partners from the Berlin-Brandenburg region remain at the heart of the restaurant. Landlord Billy Wagner emphasises that a price reduction at the expense of the values and philosophy of the restaurant would never be an option. The mission to promote a contemporary agricultural policy and to stand up for value-centred gastronomy remains and strengthens the hope of winning over even more people to these convictions.


With its reorientation, Nobelhart & Schmutzig is setting a sign of hope in the catering industry. It proves that it is possible to evolve and remain true to yourself at the same time. The changes reflect a deep connection with the community, the environment and quality. It remains exciting to see how this new chapter will pave the way for further innovations in the industry.

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