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DIE ÖLFREUNDE – Revolution in Germany’s oil market

DIE ÖLFREUNDE – Revolution in Germany’s oil market


DIE ÖLFREUNDE: A name that is currently on everyone’s lips and taking Germany by storm. But what is really behind this emerging oil production empire?

The amazing success story

It’s a bit like a fairy tale: A young, 17-year-old Paul Belthle, receives a small oil mill for Christmas in 2018. Initially just a hobby, he presses oils, refines them with herbs and delights family and friends with his creations. The oils were not only delicious, they were also authentic and honest. No wonder demand grew rapidly. From regional markets to leading food retailers such as Rewe and Edeka – the rise of ÖLFREUNDE was unstoppable.

Paul’s enthusiasm and business acumen ensured that his father, then manager of a youth hostel that was closed during the Corona Lockdown, also became part of the adventure. A truly family-run business, where today Paul’s parents are permanently employed in his manufactory.

The quality standard of DIE ÖLFREUNDE

“Our oils are cold pressed, up to 37 degrees,” stresses Paul, who emphasises the importance of the quality and authenticity of his products. “Nature that you can taste,” the young entrepreneur continues. This care is reflected in every drop. The result? An oil rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, untreated and completely natural. A product that prioritises both taste and health benefits.

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Innovative offer and design

The offer of DIE ÖLFREUNDE is versatile and creative. Whether the “celtic friend”, “bruschetta friend”, “leindotter friend” or even the “pasta friend” and “black cumin friend”, there is something for every taste. This creativity is also reflected in the design. The sustainable glass bottles with wooden handle cork cap are not only environmentally friendly, but also a real eye-catcher in every kitchen.

For those interested and oil lovers: Further information and the online shop are available at

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