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Kusmi Tea and the secret of relaxing nights

Kusmi Tea and the secret of relaxing nights

Kusmi Tea

In today’s hectic world, where peaceful sleep seems to be a distant dreamland for many, Kusmi Tea brings a solution that promises to gently guide you into the realm of dreams.

The formula behind Kusmi Tea

The magical ingredient in the Organic Sleep Ritual is lemon balm, known for its calming properties and rich in rosmarinic acid. Kusmi Tea has combined this powerful plant with cutting-edge science to create a melissa extract that provides relaxation and tranquillity in the optimum dosage. Two cups of this tea a day can lead to deep relaxation and restful sleep.

The fight against sleep disorders

In a world where sleep disorders are becoming increasingly common, the organic sleep ritual offers a hopeful alternative. Three separate clinical studies involving over 250 people have shown that lemon balm significantly reduces anxiety and stress as well as sleep disorders. Another study confirmed the relaxing effect just one hour after ingestion.

Quality that counts

Not all lemon balm extracts are the same. Great importance is attached to quality and a high-quality extract is used that provides the right dose of rosmarinic acid. This guarantees that every sip of the organic sleep ritual fulfils its promise of a peaceful night and a refreshed awakening.

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Simple application for a long-lasting effect

For lasting improvements, Kusmi Tea recommends drinking the Organic Sleep Ritual as a cure over several weeks, whereby two cups per day should be savoured. Two cups throughout the day are enough for immediate relaxation. Available in both loose leaf and tea bag form, Kusmi Tea makes it easy to improve sleep.


The organic sleep ritual is more than just any tea – it’s like an upgrade for your life. Imagine you could finally get a good night’s sleep again. This is exactly what Kusmi Tea is aiming for with its sophisticated blend and the relaxing power of lemon balm. It’s a natural, really tasty way to treat yourself, especially if you’re craving more restful nights. Give it a chance and feel how it not only lifts your nights, but also your entire well-being to a new level. The Organic Sleeping Ritual is available in all Kusmi Tea shops and online on the official website.

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