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Journey of discovery into the world of Black Bottle CAPTAIN’s CASK

Journey of discovery into the world of Black Bottle CAPTAIN’s CASK

Black Bottle CAPTAIN’s CASK

The Black Bottle CAPTAIN’s CASK, the latest creation from the innovative Alchemy Series, is an ode to the art of blended Scotch whisky.

This exceptional masterpiece, characterised by the hand of master blender Julieann Fernandez, marks the brilliant conclusion of a series that has redefined the boundaries of whisky production. The skilful combination of mild, older malts with intense, explosive malts creates a balanced flavour, which is given an additional dimension through maturation in selected rum casks. These casks give the whisky a tantalising palette of tropical fruit notes, led by ripe pineapple and toasted oak, wrapped in layers of toffee, freshly burnt wood and a hint of black pepper.

Unique flavour profile

The special feature of CAPTAIN’s CASK is its unique flavour profile. The whisky is a feast for the senses, combining sweet, fruity flavours full of tropical fruit with a strong smoky aroma. In contrast to the nuttier and spicier characters of the previous creations within the Alchemy Series, such as the “ANDEAN OAK“, the CAPTAIN’s CASK presents itself with a rich bouquet of ripe pineapple and brown sugar. The complexity and complexity of this blend becomes particularly clear when compared with other experiments in the series, such as the “SMOKE & DAGGER“, which impresses with its dry, peaty flavour.

Flavourful variety

As soon as you open the bottle, an aromatic explosion of tropical fruit unfolds. The nose is greeted by pineapple roasted in Demerara sugar, coconut, vanilla and roasted malt, rounded off by a subtle smoky note. On the palate, a complex interplay of passion fruit and papaya unfolds, interwoven with smoky oak notes, salty caramel and chocolate-covered hazelnuts, complemented by a hint of coffee and a layer of ripe pineapple. The finish is characterised by intense toffee and black pepper notes that leave a lasting impression.

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Recognition and availability

The release of the Black Bottle CAPTAIN’s CASK and its predecessors within the Alchemy Series has caused quite a stir in specialist circles. The first two single batch experiments already won top honours and caused a sensation at the Scotch Whisky Masters. The following editions, including the CAPTAIN’s CASK, are limited editions that are not only important for whisky lovers and collectors, but also a must-have for anyone who appreciates the subtle nuances of handcrafted Scotch whisky.

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