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Wellicious – A revolution in the yogawear industry

Wellicious – A revolution in the yogawear industry


Attention yoga enthusiasts: Wellicious, a name that is becoming increasingly important in the field of sustainable yoga fashion. The brand not only embodies style and comfort, but also sets new standards in terms of environmental friendliness and sustainability.

Sustainability and style: the core principles of Wellicious

Wellicious has set itself the task of creating yogawear that is not only visually appealing but also ecologically compatible. The use of exclusively plant-based materials, such as organic cotton, and the avoidance of harmful chemicals are key aspects of their production. This is reflected in their mission to offer fashion that is both fashionable and ecologically correct.

Unique materials and certification

The uniqueness of Wellicious is reflected in its choice of materials and production methods. Their fibre blends and dyeing technologies are revolutionary, with all materials coming from ethical sources and production methods that are both environmentally and skin friendly. The use of bio-friendly, biodegradable and certified materials is particularly noteworthy. Another key aspect of Wellicious is the Cradle to Cradle certification, which emphasises the circular and sustainable orientation of the brand.

Organic cotton: luxury and comfort combined

Wellicious uses certified organic cotton, which leaves a soft and luxurious feeling on the skin. The cotton is produced under environmentally and people-friendly conditions that are safe for both the environment and the people who live and work near the cultivation areas. For more flexibility during yoga exercises, the organic cotton is blended with elastane, which gives the fabrics additional stretch.

Innovation in the foreground: degradable elastane

A highlight of the Wellicious collection is the ground-breaking, degradable elastane. This material represents a milestone in the textile industry, as it degrades in the environment without releasing harmful substances. The Hohenstein Institute, an internationally recognised research and testing institute, has certified this elastane as non-ecotoxic.

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Circular economy and long-term consumption

Wellicious not only promotes conscious consumption, but also the longevity of its products. The circular economy means that materials are used again and again. Customers can return their worn Wellicious items and receive discounts on future purchases.


Wellicious is at the forefront of a movement that shows that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand. With its innovative approach and commitment to the environment, Wellicious is setting new standards in the yogawear industry. Combining style, comfort and environmental awareness, Wellicious offers an attractive option for eco-conscious yoga enthusiasts.

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