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COMO The Halkin celebrates reopening with culinary pop-up

COMO The Halkin celebrates reopening with culinary pop-up

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London boutique hotel COMO The Halkin welcomes Finnish Michelin-starred restaurant Finnjävel for a pop-up in March. Finland is known not only for its beautiful auroras and reindeer, but also for its unique and delicious cuisine.

Finnjävel restaurant, which means “Finnishdevil” in Finnish, is a tribute to Finland’s culinary traditions and the best address for modern Nordic cuisine. For its innovative concept and the excellent quality of its dishes, the restaurant was awarded a Michelin star in 2021. The Michelin-starred restaurant was founded by Chef Tommi Tuominen and his partners Timo Linnamäki, Henri Alén and Samuil Angelov, who traveled all over Finland in search of the best recipes and cooked, talked, hunted, baked and learned together with grandparents, perfecting their authentic style of cooking. Their idea was to create a link between the culinary traditions of Finland and modern kitchen techniques. This resulted in new dishes that are a unique and modern interpretation of Nordic cuisine.

Finnjävel is not only a restaurant, but also a place where guests can experience and understand Finnish culture. The ambience of the restaurant is minimalist and modern, and the interior design reflects the Nordic nature. The restaurant uses only regional and seasonal ingredients sourced from local producers and farmers to provide guests with an authentic culinary experience. Now gourmets in London can also enjoy Finnish cuisine without having to make the long journey to Finland. Luxury five-star boutique hotel COMO The Halkin in the heart of London is celebrating its reopening with a special pop-up event for foodies. For two weeks, Finnjävel’s culinary team takes over the kitchen helm at the London City hideaway. The pop-up event will showcase a selection of dishes from Finland’s wild and Nordic cuisine, including cured salmon, hearty lappish pancakes, Karelian pie, Runeberg tartlets and Finnish salmon soup. Chef Tommi Tuominen presents a modern six-course Michelin-starred menu.

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Reopening with pop-up

In addition to the unique culinary experience, the pop-up also offers a taste of Finland in London. With Nordic design elements from Saas Instruments, traditional tableware from Littala and glass designs from Lasismi , the pop-up event will be an experience for all the senses.

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