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Coffee with a heart: the Hanseatic Coffee Roasters charity campaign

Coffee with a heart: the Hanseatic Coffee Roasters charity campaign

Hanseatic Coffee Roasters
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The Hanseatic Coffee Roasters, known for their exquisite coffee specialities from the heart of Hamburg, have come up with something very special with the Memberslounge business network.

Together, they are opening a new chapter in social commitment. With a recently announced charity campaign, they have set themselves the ambitious goal of helping children and young people in the Hanseatic city and the surrounding area.

A merger with heart

At the annual New Year’s reception of the Members’ Lounge, surrounded by around 80 enthusiastic guests, something very special came up – a cooperation that shows that it is about much more than business. It is a matter close to our hearts, a genuine promise to our community to stand up for equal opportunities and support for children and young people who do not have it easy. Every time a 250-gram pack of Charity Coffee is sold, be it the strong espresso or the fine aromatic filter coffee, five euros go directly to lovingly selected social projects. It’s more than just coffee – it’s a cup of hope.

Quality meets social responsibility

The “Memberslounge Charity Coffee” is so much more than just coffee. It is a clear sign of social responsibility and at the same time a delight for all those who love their coffee. Imagine how the espresso caresses your palate with its fine blend of 70 per cent Arabica and 30 per cent Robusta beans, a taste experience that combines nutty notes with the intense depth of dark chocolate. Or the filter coffee, which enchants with its pure Arabica brew and its classically full, balanced flavour. These coffees, which you can find exclusively in the Hanseatic Coffee Roasters online shop, do good with every sip by supporting important projects for education and equal opportunities.

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A look into the future

Sharam Honarbakhsh is taking matters into his own hands: his own non-profit organisation is being planned and is about to be launched. This clever move is designed to boost the impact and reach of our fundraising initiatives. This step clearly shows how serious both partners are about their commitment to the good cause. Together, they share the vision of leaving a lasting positive impact on the lives of many children and young people through their commitment.


The collaboration between Hanseatic Coffee Roasters and Memberslounge is a wonderful example of what is possible when companies join forces to do good. With every cup of their first-class coffee sold, they not only appeal to the hearts of coffee fans, but also fill the coffers of projects that really make a difference. This campaign makes it clear that business success and a heart for the community do not have to be mutually exclusive – they can achieve great things together.

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