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MS Hamburg – An exquisite cruise experience through the Orient

MS Hamburg – An exquisite cruise experience through the Orient

MS Hamburg

The MS Hamburg, Germany’s charming smallest cruise ship, will make the hearts of travel enthusiasts beat faster next spring when it takes you on an exotic journey through the oriental fairy tale. This remarkable nautical gem opens the doors to a world of discovery, beginning in the dazzling metropolis of Dubai, through the picturesque landscapes of Oman and finally to the undiscovered splendour of Saudi Arabia.

The voyage with the MS Hamburg is an invitation to explore the rich cultural and natural diversity of the Orient. Under the care of Plantours Cruises, the MS Hamburg takes its passengers to the fascinating world of the Middle East, revealing sights and cultures far beyond the usual cruise experience.

From Dubai to Enigmatic Oman

The journey begins on 10 March 2024 in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai, a place that is considered a dazzling interface between East and West. From here, the MS Hamburg sets course for the mystical ports of Khasab and Muscat in Oman. Oliver Steuber, Managing Director of Plantours Cruises, raves about the opportunities these exotic locations offer.

Saudi Arabia’s Unknown Beauty

The jewel of the voyage is the unexplored port of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, where the MS Hamburg stays overnight. With a two-day stay in Jeddah, passengers are immersed in a city that offers a perfect symbiosis of historical grandeur and modern architecture. The heritage of Jeddah’s old bazaar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is as captivating as the soaring Jeddah Tower, touted as the world’s future tallest building.

Yanbu, the second port of call in Saudi Arabia, opens the gateway to exciting adventures on Baridi Island. Unforgettable desert camps and underwater explorations are among the highlights of the land programme, while the route continues to Egypt and finally Jordan, where the incomparable journey ends with a visit to the ruined city of Petra and the Dead Sea.

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Exclusive arrangements for insight and relaxation

The combination of cruise and land programme allows for a deeper connection to the regions travelled. A four-day stay in Dubai before the cruise or a final four-day stay in Jordan is offered to round off the oriental adventure. With prices starting at 2,599 euros per person, cruising on the MS Hamburg is a delightful ticket to an expanded horizon of discovery.

The MS Hamburg voyage is more than just a cruise; it is a carefully cured experience designed to uncover the spirit of the Orient. Detailed information and booking options for this unique voyage can be found on the Plantours Cruises website. With the MS Hamburg, a voyage full of exotic wonders, fascinating cultures and breathtaking landscapes is just a click away.

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