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Disney Treasure: Disney Cruise Line’s new jewel from December 2024

Disney Treasure: Disney Cruise Line’s new jewel from December 2024

Disney Treasure

The “Disney Treasure” is not just another cruise ship. From December 2024, this floating wonderland will open its doors for an unforgettable adventure on the high seas – a magical fusion of fantasy and reality inspired by the legendary stories of Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel.

A dream on the high seas

The name “Disney Treasure” conjures up images of adventures and captivating stories. The announcement of this latest addition to the Disney Cruise Line fleet has sparked excitement around the world. From exploring magical worlds to meeting some of Disney’s best-loved characters, Disney Treasure promises a cruise like no other.

From design concept to reality

The bold and heartwarming design of the ship is based on the beloved stories of characters like Aladdin and Coco. Adventure becomes the focus of this incredible ship, with Walt Disney’s legendary passion for travel and discovery infusing everything.

A culinary journey

While you are on the high seas, you can look forward to a culinary treat in a class of its own. From an experiential restaurant themed around the movie “Coco” to a culinary venue celebrating Marvel heroes, Disney Treasure offers a range of restaurants that combine taste and entertainment.

Entertainment for the whole family

There is no shortage of entertainment on board. From Broadway musicals to interactive stories and reunions with beloved Disney characters, Disney Treasure has something for everyone.

Sunny days and starry nights

While the inside of the ship is steeped in magic, pure pleasure awaits you outside. On the upper decks you’ll find pools, water slides and even the exclusive AquaMouse attraction, where Mickey and Minnie have a crazy temple adventure.

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Exclusivity for adults

The Disney Treasure has also thought of the adults, with special retreats, refined restaurants and lounges perfect for relaxing and enjoying the ocean breeze.

Adventure for the youngest

Children and teenagers will be thrilled with special areas and interactive programmes that will transport them to magical worlds and allow them to become part of their own Disney stories.

The “Disney Treasure” is more than just a cruise ship. It is a place where dreams come true, stories come alive and adventures lurk around every corner. Book your trip and discover the wonder of Disney Treasure for yourself. It is truly a treasure chest of magical experiences waiting to be discovered.

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