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A-ROSA Wine & Pleasure Travel 2024: Discover Europe’s wine worlds

A-ROSA Wine & Pleasure Travel 2024: Discover Europe’s wine worlds

A-ROSA Wein & Genuss-Reisen

Imagine gliding gently along the waterways of Europe, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, while savouring some of the best wine and food the continent has to offer. A-ROSA is making this dream experience possible in 2024. The famous cruise line is unveiling its brand new “Wine & Indulgence Voyages”, which will make the mouths of lovers of fine wines and gourmet cuisine water.

On these special voyages along the picturesque rivers Rhine, Rhône, Seine and Douro, A-ROSA combines the best of both worlds: discovering outstanding wine regions and savouring top-class culinary experiences – all in the relaxed atmosphere of a river cruise.

These trips are an invitation to immerse yourself in the deep traditions of European viticulture, to discover the culture and history behind each winery and to be inspired by the passion of the winemakers and chefs. A-ROSA sets new standards with these pleasure cruises and invites you to become part of an unforgettable adventure where every meal and every sip of wine tells a story.

The quintessence of enjoyment: wine & culinary delights on the water

On the Rhône: a French wine dream

The first stop on the 2024 “Wine & Pleasure Cruises” begins on the Rhône, where the A-ROSA LUNA will take its guests from 4 to 11 May from Lyon to the renowned wineries and picturesque towns of Mâcon, Arles and Avignon. One highlight is the exclusive crémant tasting with master sommelier Hendrik Thoma and the presentation of the fine wines from Château La Nerthe, a vineyard with an impressive 90 hectares of vineyards in Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Along the Seine: cultural and culinary discoveries

From 13 to 20 June, the A-ROSA VIVA will navigate the Seine and connect the French capital Paris with the historic cities of Rouen, Caudebec-en-Caux and Vernon. On board, guests will enjoy a wine tasting of Valeer Verlinden by Jean Faux and the winemakers of Domaine Roc de l’Abbaye, known for their exceptional Sauvignon Blanc with its legendary flinty flavour.

Rhine romance: grape harvest in the heart of Germany

From 6 to 13 October, the A-ROSA SILVA will embark on a journey along the Rhine and Moselle rivers that will introduce you to the world of German winegrowing culture. From Cologne, the route leads to the picturesque towns of Cochem, Koblenz, Nierstein, Rüdesheim, Boppard and Bonn. The tasting of wines from the Kloster Ebernach winery in Cochem and the family-run Allendorf winery in the Rheingau offers a special experience.

Douro: Explore the heart of Portugal

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The last “Wine & Pleasure Voyage” will take you on the A-ROSA ALVA from 23 to 30 October through the breathtaking wine-growing region of the Alto Douro in Portugal. From Porto, guests experience the beauty of the Douro Valley, with stops in Barca d’Alva and Pinhão, where the wines of the Nieport and Solheiro wineries take centre stage.

An ode to wine and the culinary arts

These voyages are more than just a cruise; they are a tribute to the rich wine and food culture of the regions visited. On board, A-ROSA pleasure ambassador Oliver Edelmann and his team provide culinary highlights with carefully coordinated pairing menus, while renowned sommeliers such as Hendrik Thoma and Verena Herzog share their knowledge of the perfect wine accompaniment.

“Our ‘Wine & Gourmet Journeys’ for 2024 offer our guests a unique opportunity to experience the cultures and traditions of European wine regions. It’s about sharing a passion for good wine and good food and creating unforgettable moments,” says Oliver Edelmann about the new travel concept.

Your ticket to the world of wine

For wine lovers and culinary explorers, the A-ROSA “Wine & Gourmet Voyages” 2024 offer an unrivalled opportunity to immerse yourself in the deep traditions of viticulture while enjoying the beauty of Europe from the river. Prepare to be enchanted by the stories behind every glass of wine and every dish as you travel through some of the world’s most famous wine regions.

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