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First-class flying experience: Beond introduces Apple Vision Pro

First-class flying experience: Beond introduces Apple Vision Pro

Beond Apple Vision Pro

The first step into the future of air travel with the Apple Vision Pro.

Beond, known as the world’s first premium airline, is breaking new boundaries by being the first airline to offer the ground-breaking Apple Vision Pro to selected passengers on its flights to the Maldives. This announcement marks the beginning of a new era in in-flight entertainment, which will begin in July 2024. With this innovation, Beond is setting new standards for the flying experience and taking the travelling experience to an unprecedented level.

The transformation of in-flight entertainment

Tero Taskila, Chairman and CEO of Beond, emphasises the importance of this innovation for the flying experience. “The Apple Vision Pro will transform in-flight entertainment. We are proud to be the first airline to offer this technology to our passengers”.

In addition to the existing and growing range of onboard entertainment such as films and games, Beond plans to showcase stunning resort destinations and activities in the Maldives. Working with partners in the Maldives, Beond is preparing stunning film footage to heighten passengers’ anticipation of their destination.

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Beond’s commitment to a premium travel experience

Beond’s launch of the Apple Vision Pro is another step in its vision to provide customers with a premium experience from start to finish of their journey. Following the successful launch of the commercial passenger service in 2023 with flights from Munich, Zurich and Riyadh to Malé, Maldives, Beond plans to add flights from Milan, Dubai and Bangkok to the Maldives in mid-2024 with a fully flat seat configuration. This underlines Beond’s commitment to providing unique and tailored experiences for today’s modern traveller with the latest innovations in aviation and luxury travel.

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