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Sleap – A leap into the future of the travel industry with blockchain

Sleap – A leap into the future of the travel industry with blockchain


Sleap brings an innovative breeze to the travel industry. is boldly stepping into the future of the travel industry with the recent launch of its revolutionary Web3 hotel booking platform. This groundbreaking platform combines the latest decentralised technology and cryptocurrency to deliver an unprecedented user experience.

User-centred booking simplified allows users to seamlessly connect their cryptocurrency wallets to popular options such as Metamask and Coinbase Wallet for exclusive user rates. The platform revolutionises the conventional booking process by transforming every enquiry and completed booking into a unique NFT, enabling hotels and partners to respond with personalised, real-time offers.

Web3 in the travel sector: just the beginning

The implementation of Web3 technology in the travel industry is still in its infancy, but initiatives by major airlines such as Lufthansa and Etihad indicate that a major transformation is underway. Michael Ros, founder of, emphasised the platform’s commitment to stand out and drive development in this emerging Web3 era.

Industry recognition and financial support closed a successful investment round in July and was honoured with several awards, including the Epic Web3 Awards in June. The platform is also competing for the title of Best Web3 Startup in Europe at the European Blockchain Convention in Barcelona, further cementing its position in the Web3 and travel industry.

Strategic partnerships: A new milestone for Web3

With the announcement of numerous high-profile partnerships in Q4 2023, is solidifying its position in the larger Web3 ecosystem and creating solid building blocks for a robust, connected Web3 network.

Blockchain for cost reduction

By using blockchain technology, drastically reduces transactional fees and commissions, resulting in significant cost savings for travellers. The platform uses the Camino blockchain, which was developed specifically for the travel industry, and thus offers high cost efficiency.

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Advanced personalisation through AI

With the launch of an AI-driven feature planned for the first quarter of 2024, will offer travellers highly personalised hotel recommendations based on user preferences. Dynamic image sorting and continuous learning algorithms further refine the user’s booking experience over time.’s unconventional approach has not only opened the doors to a new era of hotel booking, but also redefined the way we look at integrating technology into the travel industry. With a blend of blockchain technology, Web3 integration and upcoming AI-powered personalisation, strives to provide travellers with a transparent, cost-effective and highly personalised booking experience.

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