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Ephesus Experience Museum – A journey back in time to antiquity

Ephesus Experience Museum – A journey back in time to antiquity

Ephesus Experience Museum
Ephesus Experience Museum
Ephesus Experience Museum
Ephesus Experience Museum
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Ephesus Experience Museum

In the heart of Efes/Selçuk in Turkey, the Ephesus Experience Museum unfolds as a true time capsule that transports us directly into the vibrant history of the ancient city of Ephesus. This museum, creatively designed by ATELIER BRÜCKNER, extends over an impressive 2400 square metres and is like a magical place that touches and awakens all our senses. Every day, up to 2200 visitors can immerse themselves in the captivating episodes of Ephesus.

Immersive journey through antiquity

Room 1: The foundation of Ephesus

The first chapter of the museum takes visitors back to the time of the oracles and the early founding of the city. Here they learn about the prophecies of the Oracle of Delphi and Androklos, the founder of the city. The journey through the temples of Artemis, including the Artemision, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, is a real highlight. This journey is enhanced by impressive audiovisual effects and a three-dimensional soundscape reminiscent of ancient melodies.

Room 2: Ephesus in its heyday

From a bird’s eye view to immersing yourself in the hustle and bustle of the Arcadian Road, this stage provides a vivid picture of life at the time. Encounters with historical figures such as Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius make the experience unforgettable. The museum allows guests to immerse themselves in Roman life, from magnificent private homes to the echoes of competitions in the ancient theatre.

Room 3: The worship of Artemis

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The third and final room is dedicated to the patron goddess Artemis. A life-size statue of Artemis is staged here, captivating visitors. This part of the museum is characterised by an impressive light and sound experience that serves as a majestic finale to the journey through Ephesus.

Architectural marvel

The Ephesus Experience Museum not only impresses with its inner splendour, but also with its architectural design. The reduced architecture of the museum, embedded in the natural landscape, reflects the surroundings and emphasises the commitment to preserving the integrity of the historic site. A gently sloping ramp leads visitors into the heart of the museum, where their journey into the past begins.

ATELIER BRÜCKNER: Master of the art of storytelling

ATELIER BRÜCKNER, known for creating narrative spaces, is behind the Ephesus Experience Museum. With projects such as the Zeyrek Çinili Hamam in Istanbul and the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza, the studio demonstrates its ability to combine content and space to create a lasting experience.

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